Weekly Roundup – Gamma World Edition

Well, it’s finally happened.  We ordered Gamma World.  We really couldn’t resist, after reading all the positive reviews across the D&D blogosphere.  We’re still undecided as to whether we’ll write a review or not, however.  We feel like the subject has been done to death at this point, and we’re not sure if there’s anything to add.  That being said, let’s see what else was going on in the D&D blogosphere this week.

The Dungeon’s Master got us thinking about whether alignment is an important part of the 4e core rules, or if it’s simply become a byword.   We think that setting hard fast rules about what alignment is and isn’t had become too restrictive, and welcome the opportunities that a more open alignment system gives.

Dice Monkey had a thought provoking post on whether you should patronize your FLGS, or whether online shopping is the wave of the future.  FLGS, by the way, stands for Friendly Local Gaming Store.  It took us a while to figure that out too.

If you play LFR (Living Forgotten Realms) as we do, you will be interested to know that Epic level adventures are primed to be released, as announced by The Fearless DM.  Well, I’m sure Wizards announced it first, but that’s not where we heard it first…

We always love to see blog posts aimed at players, like the one we saw on Stuffer Shack this week about developing your character background

Finally, Level 30 Yinzer wrote an entertaining post on why he’s a DM and not a player.  We won’t spoil the punchline for you here, you’ll have to go read it for yourself.

That’s all for this week kids.  Your blog didn’t make the cut?  Fear not, post a shamless plug for yourself in the comments below!  We don’t mind!

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