Weekly Roundup – Daylight Savings Time Edition

Well, this week was a whole hour longer thanks to Daylight Savings Time, so you know what that means – it means we had a whole extra hour to scour the net and find blog articles that would interest you, our faithful readers. Actually, now that we think about it, we mostly spent that extra hour sleeping. So maybe you shouldn’t expect anything spectacular or out of the ordinary. Let’s get to it.

Geek’s Dream Girl started the discussion of paper vs. computerized character sheets at the table.  Our take?  Don’t bring your computer to the game, or you may find your character has a target on his back that’s very attractive to ALL the monsters.  Just sayin’

Yax did a guest post over at Critical Hits about body language at the gaming table.  Not only did we find this article entertaining (check out the illustrations) and informative, it was on a subject that isn’t usually addressed in gaming blogs.  We give it two thumbs up; a must read for all.

Sarah Darkmagic got us thinking about other dice systems in her blog about the Dragon Age RPG.  This subject really sparked our interest; we’re pretty sure it was addressed a while ago on some other blogs, but we have what is hopefully a new take that we’ll be writing about soon.

We also saw an article over at Evil Machinations that’s the start of a series on turning adventure seeds (i.e., other people’s ideas) into adventures.  This is one we’ll be keeping an eye on, and suggest you do the same.

Finally, RPG Circus had a short article that we really enjoyed about using mind mapping to put campaign ideas on paper.  It’s a great technique for getting all the ideas and connections in your campaign (or just in an encounter) out of your brain and onto paper.  You should try it sometime!

That’s all we had time for this week, extra hour notwithstanding.  See you next week, when we’ll have more article goodness from the D&D blogosphere!!

Did we miss the killer article you posted this week? Post shameless plugs for your blog in the comments!

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