Weekly Roundup – Imaginative Tactics Edition

So, we were running a game for our group this week.  The party was outside some city walls, and bugbears were pelting them from above with crossbows.  A few party members were able to scale the walls, one of whom announces that he wants to “jump on” one of the bugbears behind the wall.  What to do?  Shooting from the hip, we decided that the PC would get +1 to hit (a la charging), and if he hit, he would do extra damage equal to the damage he took from falling.  If he missed, Opportunity Attacks all around for the Bugbears.  Lo and behold, he hit, and clove the bugbear in two with all that extra damage.  It was quite a spectacle.  We’re curious, how would you have ruled the situation?  And now, on to the articles…

The Dump Stat had some good thoughts about how to bring professions back into your D&D 4e game.  We like the idea of having non-“crunchy”, flavor only skills, and would have liked to see a bit more meat to this idea.

The Weem discussed alternate goals in combat.  You know, besides “kill all the monsters until they’re dead.”  Because killing everything all the time can get boring (contrary to popular belief).  Besides, it’s good to switch it up on your PCs from time to time.

Sarah Darkmagic gave us a glimpse of the Gamma World adventure she’s designing for DDXP.  Why yes, we WOULD like to ride that giant chicken over there!  Then, perhaps we will feast on giant chicken wings.  Mmmm….chicken wings….

Over at Points of Light we were reminded of the “morale” check from 2e during the discussion of when a monster might surrender.  This certainly goes hand in hand with “alternate goals in combat” as you think about different ways a fight could end.  Besides, you know, another pile of dead monsters.

Finally: apparently, there was another debate about the “5 minute workday” this week.  You can read about it here, here, here, and here.  Oh, and here. (Blogs not cited for serial topic-ness)

Did we miss your D&D blogging this week? Well, heck, let us know in the comments!

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