Where To Get Gamma World Miniatures: Introduction

Let me begin by saying that this post is largely useless, and is only here because of my overwhelming need to be thorough.  If you insist on reading the entire thing, please go forward fully aware that you are most likely wasting your time. If you are hesitant to do that, you can also zip to the italicised text at the bottom for the summarized conclusion.

Gamma World is to Dungeons & Dragons what Mr. Hyde is to Dr. Jekyll.  It’s got the same blood running through its veins, but Gamma World is looser, faster, and a lot more crazy and unpredictable.  If you watch the D&D blogs at all, you’d know that  Gamma World is the new hotness in the D&D community.  It’s true.  That’s why I’m a little surprised that the only miniatures support Wizards of the Coast (WotC) is giving for this new game is cardboard tokens.  I don’t know about you, but when I sit down to play D&D, I like to have a miniature to put on the board, and I like it to be painted.  I think most other players are in the same boat.  Since WotC doesn’t seem interested in providing miniature support for this game, I thought I’d do some research and provide you with some places to get the Gamma World PC minis you so badly desire.

Now, originally, I had intended for this to be only one post.  However, as I began searching, tagging, and saving links, I realized that there is just too much material out there for me to cram it into one column.  For example, in my search for Hawkoid type miniatures, I found that guy up there at the top of this article.  Now tell me he wouldn’t make a perfect Pyrokinetic/Hawkoid.  (By the way, he’s the “Angel of Valor” from the D&D Minis line.)  That’s the sort of thing I kept coming across, each one making me more excited than the last.  For each category, I was coming up with 10 to 15 different minis (or more!), and trying to fit that many links into one article would become unweildy.  That wouldn’t be fair to you, and if there’s anything I’m concerned about, it’s how fairly you, gentle reader, are being treated.

So before I lauch into the inevitable series of articles coming your way, I will note that there are only a few origins that are going to give you trouble.  Most of the origins are “human” in nature, and are covered quite well by any manufacturer that makes modern or futuristic miniatures.  Instead, I will focus on the six more exotic origins: Felinoid, Plant, Hawkoid, Cockroach, Swarm, and Yeti.  I may eventually dip into the expansion origins from Famine in Far-Go and Legion of Gold, but for now, the above list should suffice.

In conclusion: come back every Thursday for the next month or so as I take each exotic character origin in turn, and hand pick some of my favorite minis to help bring your Gamma World character to life.   Or add us to your RSS reader –  that works too.  First up: Plant!

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2 Responses to Where To Get Gamma World Miniatures: Introduction

  1. E. Foley says:

    My boyfriend and I have gotten some good Gamma World minis out of the bubblegum machines at the supermarket and movie theater! Just need to glue a base to them and they’re all good. HorrorClix minis work well too. 🙂 I look forward to seeing your suggestions!

    • Benoit says:

      Bubble gum machines… hmm, I’ll have to check that out. My recommendations center more around more traditional minis (like the HorrorClix you mentioned) and I’ll be listing minis that you can get both painted and unpainted.

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