Where to Get Gamma World Miniatures: Plant Origin

This article is part of a series pointing readers to good sources of Gamma World miniatures to represent PCs.

At first, the plant origin may seem a bit daunting.  After all, how do you represent your character if he’s a giant ficus tree?  Luckily, plant beings are already a part of many fantasy settings, so there are plenty of miniatures available to fill this niche.  Please note that I do not own all of these miniatures.  Some of them may be too big for a 1″ battle grid.  Check with the store about whether they’ll fit on a 25mm base before purchasing. Also, since some of the minis are based on a 1.5″, chunky “click” base, you may want to do a little research on re-basing the Mage Knight, Dreamblade, and Heroclix minis.  It’s an easy procedure if you know where to get new bases and own a razor blade and some glue.

Prepainted Miniatures

  • Man ThingHero Clix
  • Green Crusader Dreamblade These are out of production, see the secondary market.
  • Black Woods DryadD&D Miniatures
  • Wizened Elder WatcherD&D Minatures
  • Bog ElementalWoW Miniatures
  • Bogillian – Dreamblade This one would work well as a Plant/Swarm or Plant/Gelatinous
  • DryadDreamblade This was a miniatures line by WoTC that is out of production.  Check the secondary market.
  • Green CrusaderDreamblade
  • Swamp Thing – Hero Clix
  • Splinter, Thorn Maiden  – Mage Knight
  • Saproling WarriorReaper This miniature is a small treant, basically.  Games Workshop makes something similar, called Dryads (core units in the Warhammer Wood Elves army), but as far as I can tell, you can only buy them in packs of 12 for $35.  The Reaper mini is a better choice if you’re looking for something like a treant.  If you do like the Games Workshop Dryad better, you can check Ebay – search for something like “Games Workshop bits Dryad” and make sure to check the box that says “Search in description.”  You could also include “Tree Elf” in your search.  You may find someone selling leftover pieces, or if you’re really lucky, you’ll find someone selling off their fully painted army.  Just yesterday I saw some stuff there for pretty cheap.
  • Swamp Shambler Reaper There are actually two “Swamp Shamblers” (second one here) which have more of a “mound of seaweed” look than a “tree” look.  The only caveat with these two guys is I don’t know how big they are.  They may be size large; from looking at the pictures though, it seems as though you may be able to modify the base, or rebase them entirely.  Most “large” Reaper minis don’t take up a full 4 squares.
  • Tree ManFenryll Miniatures I suspect this guy and his friend are also too large, but I thought I’d include them; I will also note that they have some pretty cool “Post Apocalyptic” line of minis.  Check out the menu.
  • The Greenman – Darkson Miniatures This one comes with a 40mm base, but I can tell from the picture that it should definitely fit into a 25mm base.  Probably.
  • Tree Familiar – Reaper This little guy is part of one of the “Familiars” packs. 
  • Tree Spirit Trollforged Comes with a 40mm base, but unassembled, meaning you can position the legs to fit on a 25mm base.
  • Deadwood Stumpy & Deadwood Shredder – Impact Miniatures These guys just look like brutes.
  • Father OakPulp City I believe this one comes with “acorn” a little girl miniature who could also be a plant miniature – secondary origin.
  • Redwood Treeman – Blacktree Design This guy just looks creepy.
  • Wormwood – Ral Part… I mean IronWind Metals He’ll be the guy at the top right.  Click the thumbnail for a larger view. They also have a Demon Tree.
  • Tree LordUltraforge Miniatures Not sure on the size of this guy.
  • Mutant Plants – Ramshackle Games
  • Carnivorous Plants I & II  Fenryll Miniatures
  • VarduHydra Miniatures
  • LoreleiReaper  You can’t really tell from the unpainted miniature, but there are all sorts of leaves growing out of this mini’s skin.
  • Timberline Elf DryadImpact Miniatures This one is part of an “Elfball” team, so she’s wearing some sports pads.  Great for a Gamma World mini.
  • Wood Elf BranchwraithGames Workshop This one is probably more plant than human, but it looks really cool.  It could probably serve well for either a primary or secondary plant origin.
  • Ou-schaa Dryad PrincessEnigma Miniatures Another mini of a different scale, but should fit in a smaller base with a little modification.

Unpainted Miniatures

    In addition to any one of these miniatures, you could also take an existing miniature and merely paint the skin tones green, and/or glue some “clump foliage” onto it. Clump foliage is the stuff you use to make model railroad trees, and you would find it in that section of your local craft store.  If you use clump foliage, be sure to brush it with a thin layer of Elmer’s glue to keep it from rubbing off.

    Wow, that list got longer than I thought.  If I missed any, please leave them in the comments.  We’re hoping that this becomes an all-inclusive list.  Next up: Yeti!

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