Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Yeti


This article is part of a series pointing readers to good sources of Gamma World miniatures to represent PCs. By way of disclaimer, I do not own all of the minis named in this article. It’s best to contact the manufacturer before buying if you are unsure of the size and scale of the mini, and whether it will fit in a 1″ square.

Yeti. Sasquatch. The Abominable Snowman. Bigfoot. Wendigo.  No matter what you call him, he’s a big hairy ape-man.   Believe it or not, there’s a pretty good collection of these guys (or proxies) out there for you to choose from. Some may require a little repainting if you prefer your Yeti to be shades of white, but then again, I don’t see why you can’t go with more of a brown haired “Bigfoot” look.  And now, without further ado, big hairy ape-man miniatures, coming at you…Oh, and it probably goes without saying, but if you’re playing Gamma World, you’re calling him a Yeti.

Primary Origin

We’ll start with Reaper because, well, that’s usually where I turn first when I  need a mini.  Turns out they have a few to choose from.

  • Sasquatch – Reaper This guy looks like your classic Bigfoot.
  • Sasquatch (angry) – Reaper This one, while sharing a name with the mini above, looks to have more of an anger management problem.
  • Yeti WarriorYeti Chieftan, Yeti Warrior (2), Yeti Shaman   Reaper – These guys are similar, thought I’m partial to the Shaman who boasts some Gamma World bling (if painted correctly) and a staff.
  • Yeti  Reaper The guy pictured at the top of the article.
  • YetiCopplestone Castings You’ll find them listed near the bottom under “Other Animals.” (Not under “Polar Perils” or “Lost Worlds.” Go figure)
  • Abominable Snow Beast & Snow Warriors  Crocodile Games There are several of these guys, in different poses, and all awesome.  Some have horns.
  • YheteeGames Workshop These guys are “Special Units” in the “Ogre Kingdoms” Warhammer Army. They sport weapons made out of ice, which is pretty cool.
  • Giant Hairy Hominids  Pulp Figures
  • Yetis and Yeti LeaderWest Wind Miniatures
  • Ice TrollsOld Glory Miniatures In my opinion, these guys are more “Troll” than Yeti, but they may suit what you’re looking for.
  • Snow Troll  Heresy Miniatures This one looks almost like an alien Yeti.
  • SasquatchIron Wind Metals
  • Yeti – Black Tree Design – Ummm… obese yeti? This one doesn’t look too imposing, but if that’s what you’re going for, this is your mini.
  • White Tusk One Horn GrowlersRal Partha Europe From the VOR line of their miniatures, you need to scroll down a bit to find them on the list. They have a huge horn on their head, but hey, this is Gamma World mutants we’re talking about.
  • Warlord Grom Old Glory Miniatures This one would serve really well if your secondary origin is cockroach.  The tusks look just like bug mandibles.
  • SasquatchMasquerade Miniatures

 For pre-painted minis, we have a few choices as well:

  • Wookie, Wookie Freedom Fighter, Chewbacca, Wookie Berserker, Tarfful – Star Wars Miniatures Oh come on, am I the only one who thinks that Chewbacca is pretty much just an overly shaggy bigfoot??
  • Rampaging WampaStar Wars Miniatures
  • Talz – Star Wars Miniatures Not really at the top of my list, but I thought I’d throw him in there.
  • YetiPathfinder Miniatures This one is from the Rise of the Runelords set (and unreleased at the time of writing)
  • YetiHeroscape This one links to a blog because it’s difficult to find the actual product for sale.  Try ebay, and search for the “Tundra” expansion to Heroscape.  I’m guessing it’s out of print, and judging by the ebay prices, it’s in demand.  At any rate, it comes with 3 Yeti figures.  They’re painted white, and are in different poses.
  • SasquatchHorrorClix Stereotypical, no surprises here.
  • WendigoMarvel HeroClix This guy has a tail and huge claws.  And gives me the willies for some reason.
  • SasquatchMarvel HeroClix This guy looks more human than the HorrorClix Sasquatch, and has much longer hair.

 Secondary Origin

I have just one recommendation for a character with Yeti as a secondary origin and something human as their primary: Bugbear.  Now hear me out.  Isn’t that what a bugbear is, really?  A hulking half beast half man.  Go look at the picture in the monster manual if you don’t believe me.  Of course, if you prefer your Yetis white, there will be some painting required, but I think you will be pleased with the results.  D&D Miniatures and Reaper have a good selection of Bugbears, so I’m just going to focus on them.  First, the unpainted ones from Reaper:

Bugbears (all)Reaper

And the prepainted ones:

BugbearReaper (Legendary Encounters Line) What? You didn’t know Reaper made prepainted minis?

Since D&D Miniatures are out of production, I’ll just list the miniatures collection the bugbear came out with and its name.  Then, you can check out the miniatures reseller of your own choosing.

  • Bugbear gang leader – Unhallowed
  • Bugbear – Dragoneye
  • Bugbear Footpad – Giants of Legend
  •  Bugbear Champion – Angelfire
  • Marauder Bugbear – Dungeons of Dread
  • Bugbear Lancebreaker – Against the Giants
  • Bugbear Strangler & Bugbear Warrior – Demonweb

And the D&D miniatures galleries can be found here, if you want to check out the minis listed.

That’s all the Yetis we could find!  If you know of one we didn’t include here, please post it in the comments. Next up: Cockroach



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