Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Cockroach

This post is part of a series pointing readers to good sources of Gamma World miniatures for their PCs.  For the rest of the series, click the “Article Series” link on the menu above.  By way of disclaimer, I do not own all of these miniatures, and I can’t always tell what size they are.  It’s best to contact the manufacturer before purchasing to make sure a mini will fit in a 1″ grid.

Ah, cockroach.  Unless you want to use a rubber cockroach from a novelty supply company as your miniature (and hey, if that’s your speed, who am I to judge? You there…move along please…), you’re going to have to allow me to expand our definition to “bug man.”  I’ve searched far and wide, and no one really makes a cockroach miniature, per se.  However, if we say the Cockroach origin is more like a generic bug man, our pool of possible minis increases dramatically.  So then, let us jump into that pool of bug men…or not, your call.            (Side Note: the “Primary” “Secondary” categories on this specific origin are a bit arbitrary.  They all look pretty much like bug men.)


Primary Origin

  • SPUGsSpriggan Miniatures  These little guys are some of the many 15mm Sci Fi minis included here.  The really cool thing about the 15mm scifi minis is the weapons they’re carrying – definite Omega tech going on there, which is something the other minis don’t sport. The 15mm scale means they’ll be a bit smaller than the standard 25mm minis.  That’s ok; just because they’re giant bugs doesn’t mean they’re human sized bugs. (US Distributor)
  • Mantis WarriorReaper I think this guy is Reaper’s version of the Thri Keen (below).
  • Dreenoi –  Reverisco From the “Science Fiction Starguard” line.
  • Vespulid Swarm & Mantoids & Spearbear Insect MenKhurasan Miniatures You have to scroll down to find them.  All 15mm scale.
  • Myrm Warrior & DriverBlack Orc Miniatures
  • GlockroachOld Glory Miniatures This one is really cool – a bug man with 4 guns. How could you go wrong?
  • Hooked Hulk – Reaper This guy is probably size large, though I suspect that could be “fixed.”
  • Umber HulkD&D Miniatures – I know for SURE this one is size large, and at $25 (currently) on the secondary market, he’s probably not a candidate for base separation surgery.  But I thought I would include him anyways; he’s pictured at the top of the article.
  • Thri Kreen Barbarian, Thri Kreen Ranger, Thri Kreen Warrior – D&D Miniatures From the Dark Sun setting.
  • XillD&D Miniatures
  • Crucian – D&D Miniatures
  • Hive Pincer, Deathhead – Dreamblade
  • Meik – Heroclix
  • SwarmlingMageknight
  • KithixHydra Miniatures

Secondary Origin

  • Red Mantis Assassin – Reaper I put this one in the secondary category because he only has two arms.
  • Roach Spirit – Iron Wind Miniatures
  • Shelled OneMage Knight  More crab than insect, but who looks that close?
  • Crusties & More Crusties  GZG Like the “Shelled One” above, these resemble crustaceans… hence the name “Crustie.”
  • Verpine Tech – Star Wars Miniatures
  • General GreviousStar Wars Miniatures If you have an Android/Cockroach character, this is pretty much the mini for you.
  • Mezzodemon, Mezzoloth – D&D Miniatures Cockroach/Demon or Cockroach/Nightmare

We hope you found a good proxie you can use in your Gamma World game.  If you know of any we’ve missed, please leave them in the comments.  Next week, we’ll be covering Hawkoid!

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2 Responses to Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Cockroach

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  2. Mandias says:

    You will be glad to know that this article is the top result for my Google search of “miniatures cockroach”

    And yes, this is exactly the topic I was looking for, but unfortunately nothing seems to match the cockroach character that my daughter is playing, which might be best described as “Cockroach Hellboy in a pink vest”

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