Weekly Roundup – DDXP 2011 Edition

It’s quite possible most of you are still detoxing from DDXP.  We’ve got what you need! More D&D!  In the form of articles!  For you to read!  Check out this week’s best (non-DDXP)  articles.

RPG Musings pointed us to a great resource for campaign ideas that’s right in front of you.  Why didn’t we think of this first? Brilliant!

If you haven’t been following Sersa over at Save Vs. Death and his “Fourthcore” philosophy, you should.  There’s lots of great usable content over there, and all of it deliciously deadly.  Don’t know what Fourthcore is?  Never fear, this week a FAQ was posted.

And did you hear the news about the prison who won’t let its inmates play D&D because it threatens prison security? No? Geeks are Sexy had a great blog post covering the story.

The Weem posted a fun Twitter interview with WotC. Quick read, since questions and answers are limited to Twitter’s 140 characters.

Finally, The Labyrinth had a great article about the process they used to find a new player for their game.  While their success rate varied, you might find a resource here that you haven’t used yet.  Or you might just find the story of them trying to find a new player entertaining.

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