Where to Get Gamma World Miniatures: Hawkoid

This article is part of a series where we link to good miniatures to use for your Gamma World PC.  By way of disclaimer, we do not own all the miniatures reviewed here, so if you’re not sure about the size of a mini (i.e., if it will fit in a one inch square), you should check with the manufacturer first.

Hawkoid, also known as “the guy with the wings.”  We’ve got some fun choices, especially if you have Hawkoid as a secondary origin.  As a matter of fact, there are just too many secondary origin choices for me to link to all of them.  I’m basically going to point you in the right direction and say “have at it” because finding winged fantasy miniatures is pretty easy.  It’s the “mostly bird-looking” miniatures that are a bit more scarce.


Primary Origin

  • BirdmanReaper This guy is pretty much the quintessential  Hawkoid figure.  My first choice, all the way. (And the mini pictured at the top of the article)
  • Bloodbound SkeeverDreamblade This mini’s wings aren’t what I’d like, but he does have the bird head.
  • Kenku Wingmage, Kenku Sneak, Kenku WarriorD&D Miniatures  Kenku are, of course, D&D’s “birdmen.”
  • KenkuRal Partha The original Kenku miniatures produced by Ral Partha; very rare and hard to find.  Probably expensive.  But they’re out there. (Painted Pics, you have to scroll down to find them)
  • Wereraven – Mage Knight
  • Talon WarriorMage Knight
  • Lox JargEnigma Miniatures This is probably the coolest mini of the bunch, definitely a contender for my favorite.
  • Falcon SoldierDreamblade

Secondary Origin

So, the secondary origin is generally interpreted as “winged,” meaning the character looks like their primary origin, except with wings.  The easiest way to do that with a mini is to, well, add wings.  Reaper has wing packs that you can get to add to an existing mini.  Just glue and go.  Well, glue, PAINT, and go.

You can also just get an “angel” mini, and there are a few to choose from. This set of search results from Reaper has all figures with wings; you’ll get more than just humanoid figures, but there’s just too many to link individually.  Here are a few more from other manufacturers:

You get the picture. 

So how about you?  Did I miss any? Do you know of the perfect “XXX/Hawkoid” mini? Think you can find better angels? Leave them in the comments! Next up: Felinoid!

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