Weekly Roundup – Postponed Game Edition

Well, inclement weather has postponed our game this week.  *Sigh*  Guess we should read some hot-off-the-press blog articles for our much needed D&D fix, and get together some article-y goodness for you while we’re at it.

Sly Flourish had a great buyers guide to D&D books for new DMs.  The book landscape has changed quite a bit since the outset of 4th Edition, so if you’re looking for everything updated, start here.

Icosahedrophilia (say THAT five times fast…) had a very interesting article on the history of miniatures in D&D.  Specifically, how the rules, as written, supported (or didn’t support) the use of miniatures on a battle map.  Good read, even if you’re only interested in the general history of D&D.

For all the Arts & Crafts and Hirst Arts nuts out there, Ben’s RPG Pile had a fun tutorial on building ruined hallways with your Hirst Arts molds.  Mold numbers and pictures included!  Woo hoo!!

And Finally, RPG Musings had an article on speeding up D&D 4e. I know, I know, everyone’s sick of the talk about “the speed of combat in 4e.”  Actually, if you read that again, the word “combat” isn’t there….hmmm….

If we haven’t noticed your blog yet, feel free to leave us a link in the comments!

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