Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Felinoid

 This post is part of a series pointing readers to sources of miniatures to use for their Gamma World PCs.  For the rest of the series, click the “Article Series” link on the menu bar.  By way of disclaimer, I do not own all the miniatures listed here, so if you’re unsure about a miniature’s size or anything else, please contact the manufacturer before purchasing.

Heeeeeere kitty kitty! Today, we’re going to look at the Felinoid origin.  I’m going to organize my lists a little differently this time as well.  Instead of picking miniatures based upon whether they’re representative of “primary” or “secondary” origin, I’m going to list them in “Prepainted” and “Unpainted” categories. 

I think most people buy their miniatures based on that criteria, rather than the former categorizations.  Ok, let’s look at some catfolk minis.  And whatever you do, don’t pull his tail.  He hates that.

Unpainted Miniatures

  • Tawny Firehair, Kyoko Silvers, Weretigress, Daughter of Sekhmet, Another Weretigress, Cheetah Girl, Lady Tiger and Sabretooth Tiger Man – Reaper Whew. Who would have thought Reaper has so many Catfolk? You’d think it was a regular fantasy race.  Oh, and here’s a bonus one for all the Felinoid/Hawkoid characters out there: Winged Tiger
  • RarRegiment Games These are 28mm figs, making them slightly larger than the standard 25mm fantasy. I’ve never seen a 28mm fig, so I can’t say how they fit on a battle map.  At any rate, they’re pretty cool lion-esque minis, and they’ve got Omega tech; the Reaper minis don’t.
  • Tigrid Aliens – Khurasan Miniatures You’ll have to scroll down to find them.  15mm Sci-fi scale, and they have the Omega tech to prove it.
  • Bastet Cat Woman lineEureka Miniatures This is a series of minis in the Chaos Egyptian line.  Scroll down the page to find them.
  • Cat BodyguardsBlack Cat Bases The only two I like in this set are the bodyguards.
  • Panthera WarbandBlack Orc Miniatures These minis come in a set of 7.
  • Cat ThiefDark Sword Miniatures This one looks like a cat (as opposed to a cat-person)
  • BastiCrocodile Games This is a whole line of miniatures, with an Egyptian feel.
  • Cat Burglar – Iron Wind Metals
  • 2nd Irregular CamerooniansInfinity Miniatures Lion people. In kilts. With sci-fi guns. If that doesn’t get you to click through, you should give up gaming.

Prepainted Miniatures

Well, that’s all we have for you this time.  If you know of any that should be added, leave them in the comments.  Next up: Swarm


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3 Responses to Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Felinoid

  1. Nice research, I really dig this series, it saves a lot of time, given how diverse Gamma World characters can be.
    More importantly (to me), you’ve given me links to some more independant miniature companies that I hadn’t seen yet. For your next installment you should check out TrollForged’s nice rat swarm miniature (it’s at the bottom of the page in the undead section). They’ve got some great mutants and post-apocalyptic gangers as well.

    • Benoit says:

      Cool, thanks, I’ll include that one. Yeah, my eyes have really been opened to all the mini companies out there as well. I certainly hadn’t heard of most of them when I started this series; I would just head over to Reaper, and find the best fit. Now I have a whole litany of places to try when I want a new mini.

  2. Jay says:

    Very cool series! BTW, I just picked up Puma from Heroclix (DC, I think??). I got 3 of them so I’d have a little hunting party. Love these posts, keep up the great work!

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