Where to Find Gamma World Miniatures: Humanoids & Miscellany

This article is part of a series in which we point readers to good sources of Gamma World miniatures to represent their PCs.  For the rest of the series, click the Article Series menu item on the menu bar up top.  Always be sure to check with the manufacturer before buying if you are unsure about scale.

So, we’ve covered quite a few of the odd origins so far, but we haven’t pointed you to good sources of humanoid minis yet.  Not explicitly, anyway.  And let’s face it, a whole lot of the origins can be represented by humanoid minis.  I’d recommend exploring any of the manufacturers we’ve mentioned already; we’ve got you started with some good choices below.  Also, there are some weapons links for you mini modifiers out there, and finally, some good sources for Gamma World terrain.  Let’s do this!





  • Sci-fi lineHeresy Miniatures The Heresy minis are usually multi-part, meaning there is some gluing and assembly involved.  Scroll down to find the “Trenchcoat Warriors,” as they are some of my favorite in this line.  I think they’re perfect for Gamma World; two of them are the pictures in this post.
  • Post-Apocalyptic line, Science Fiction line – Fenryll Miniatures If you get this page in French, there’s a tiny British flag at the top to switch to English.
  • Pulp City Miniatures (most any)Pulp City Miniatures They even have a mini called “Nuke” who would be a perfect Radioactive.
  • Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, Witch Hunters, Dark Eldar, and many more… – Games Workshop There’s really too much that would work from the Warhammer 40k line for me to list here.  Just head over to their site and shop around; click “armies” on the left menu bar.  Many of the really good Gamma World-ish minis are in the “Troops” sections.  As a side note, DON’T get sticker shock.  People sell their Warhammer 40k armies on ebay all the time.  You don’t need to buy a $35 army pack to get the one mini you want.  And the bonus is, the ebay mini you get will most likely be already painted. You could also check at your local game store for sellers.  (Side note: don’t miss Games Workshop’s non-40k “Necromunda” line)
  • AdventurersHasslefree Miniatures
  • Shadowrun – Iron Wind Metals  Some of these would work, and some wouldn’t.  Be sure to scroll through all of them, it’s a bit of an eclectic mix.
  • 3 pages of minis with rifles, 4 pages of minis with pistols –  Reaper
  • SuperfigsOld Glory Miniatures  This will take you to the category page, no pictures, but click on links that look interesting.
  • Gun Possessed Killer, Hawk Eyed Instigator – Dreamblade
  • Modern HeroesUSX Miniatures
  • Eden Line Taban Miniatures Some of these minis even have things like stop signs for weapons and car doors for shields

Really, that’s just a start. I’d encourage you to explore some of the many miniatures manufacturers we’ve been mentioning over the past few weeks.  And hey, if you find a really good one, leave it in the comments!


If you’re the type of person who likes to modify your miniatures, here are some good sources of weapons to swap out on your minis.  I could even see some fantasy/Gamma World hybrid minis by swapping medieval weapons for guns.

  • Guns, guns, gunsHeresy Miniatures  Here is a good selection of guns for your miniature.
  • Sebecki Hand WeaponsCrocodile Games A meat cleaver, baseball bat with a nail in it, and a wooden mallet
  • Sci-fi guns & Zombie Hunter WeaponsHasslefree Miniatures I especially think the Zombie Hunter weapons are Gamma World appropriate; a hockey stick, a baseball bat, a chainsaw…
  • Chains & Some flintlock pistolsReaper There’s nothing like a Seismic Simian wielding a chain to say “Welcome to Gamma Terra.”
  • And more guns – Armorcast


Obviously, most of the D&D dungeon tiles don’t work too well in a Gamma World setting.  The exception being, of course, the outdoor tiles.  Stretching your creativity by reusing the poster maps that came with the game in different scenarios will only take you so far.  Here are some other sources of terrain for your game.

  • Modern Models & TerrainArmorcast This is a whole category, so be sure to click through to the different sub categories. For those of you with fat wallets.
  • Molds 270-280 & 300-327Hirst Arts Most people don’t know that Hirst Arts has a line of Sci-Fi molds.  Until Dwarven Forge starts producing post-apocalyptic terrain, this is pretty much your only source of 3D terrain.  Visit the Sci-fi section of the projects page to see some of these molds in action.
  • Modern & Sci-fi Terrain – World Works Games I would point especially to the Modern sets; there seems to be a lot that could be useful there.  Sci-Fi sets could be useful as well, depending upon your campaign.  In the modern line, the Mayhem Destroyed set looks especially Gamma World-y.
  • Modern & Sci-Fi Art PacksDundjinni If you’d like to try your hand at making your own Gamma World dungeon tiles, I’d highly recommend Dundjinni.  Not only do they have Modern and Sci-fi art packs, but they also have very active user forums that are always producing new FREE art that you can use with the program.  Also, if you don’t want to buy the progam, you can still go to the user forums and surf around for user-made maps.  I haven’t been able to get on the Dundjinni store for a few months now.  I’m not sure what the story is there, but the forums are still working if you’re looking for free user art (if you already have the program) and free user made maps (if you don’t). 

So, now it’s time to start in on the origins from Famine in Far-Go.  If you have any origins you’d rather see sooner than later, leave us a comment.  Next Thursday, we’ll cover: Gelatinous

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