Weekly Roundup – The Weekly Roundup is Moving! Edition

So, our experiment with podcasting has been successful, and is going to become a regular fixture on the site.  Since we record and post the podcast on Sunday, we’ve decided to move the Weekly Roundup to Saturdays starting this coming Saturday.  Now you have something to do while you drink your Saturday morning coffee!  You can thank us in the comments.  After you read these articles.

Dread Gazebo had a great article this week on running horror in your games.  There was plenty of advice, including “All show is no show,” meaning the DM should keep information close to the chest.

If you’re looking for a budget solution to condition markers, look no further than This Is My Game‘s post this week.  Geek Ken put together a freebie, and they look really nice!

RPG Musings gave us food for thought when they proposed the idea of short campaigns.  The advantage being, of course, closure for all involved.  A good idea for those who have never really had any because the group just sort of broke up for some reason.

 If you want to take your Gamma World game from levels 11-20, you need to check out Dazed, Save Ends‘s column this week on “Uber Tier.”  Monsters are no problem either, as just about any D&D monster fits in a Gamma World setting.

Finally, Alphastream weighed in on the “speed of combat” issue on his Wizards of the Coast blog.  He argues that 4e is far too engaging even when it’s not your turn to complain about how long the combats take.  Guess it’s time to open up the discussion again… leave him a comment!

This Saturday! Don’t forget!

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One Response to Weekly Roundup – The Weekly Roundup is Moving! Edition

  1. Geek Ken says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I seem to have a knack for whipping up cheap, pen and paper solutions that look crappy and are slightly functional. Glad you folks liked them!

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