Weekly Roundup – Regulator Con Edition

Well, you’ve seen the banner in the sidebar there for about a month now.  This weekend is Regulator Con, and we’ll be bringing you news, pictures from the battle interactive, and a podcast of a totally different format.  If you’re within driving distance of Gettysburg, PA, come visit, and if you’re not, stay tuned!

First up: In case you didn’t know, Wizards of the Coast premiered its Monster Builder this week for DDi subscribers.  The reception was less than warm, and A Walk in the Dark gave us a really interesting technical look into why.  I’m not a programmer, but I still found this article very informative.

And who could pass over the Dungeon’s Master article entitled: Avenger: Worst Striker Ever?  I mean, agree or disagree, just the name has you clicking the link.  You know you want to…..

If you’re looking to give your players a moral dilemma to wrestle with instead of a cave full of monsters to destory, check out Do the Ends Justify the Means over at RPG Musings.  A ton of good adventure seeds to steal there.

Greywulf’s Lair had a fun little article outlining the number of various monsters you’d need to kill to reach 1,000,000 XP (or, in other words, go from 1 to 30).  Neat.

Finally, The Fascinating World of Charles Ryan reminded us that sometimes we make bad character choices, and it’s ok for the DM to allow something more robust than a simple “retrain.”  He calls it the “First Session Rule.”  And there’s a good Star Trek reference to boot.

Whose blog did we miss this week? Leave it in the comments!

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