Level Up – Episode #6: Live from RegulatorCon!

In this special episode, Benoit heads to RegulatorCon to interview some folks about their characters and character ideas.  Hamblin was busy this week DM’ing for some of the people you’ll be hearing.  We hope you enjoy this episode, and we’ll be back to our regular format next week.

As always, send your feedback and questions to us by leaving a comment here, emailing us at podcast@rovingbandofmisfits.com, or sending us a tweet at @BandOfMisfits or @Fr0nch.

In this episode:

  • Several different gamers talking about their characters
  • We also ran into some other podcasters who were kind enough to give us an interview about their characters. Their podcast is 1d4 cast; go check them out.
Level Up logo by Wesley K. Hall. Music by pornophonique and is available for free under the Creative Commons license.
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2 Responses to Level Up – Episode #6: Live from RegulatorCon!

  1. James says:

    Good show! Thanks for letting Monica and I participate :). If you guys hit up any other conventions, I would love to here more interviews with the gamers.

    I’ve also added you to our website links.

    Thanks again :D.

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