RPGKids! – Aborted Playtest & A Freebie!

This weekend, I was all set to test the RPGKids! system with my kids.  I had the tokens.  I read the adventure.  I had the dice ready.  Then, Sunday evening, the three year old was wound up beyond any hope of being able to sit and concentrate on… well, anything.  So we didn’t play.  In the downtime created by her hyperactivity, however, I had a brainstorm. 

Every player is supposed to start the game with two vials of medicine.  Instead of using the checkboxes on the character card, why not make a token that the player has to turn in when they use the medicine?  And, of course, you can hand out more medicine tokens when the party finds treasure.  Of course, I had to take that a step further… why not a whole bunch of potions to hand out to players? 

I’m a big proponent of tactile elements to the game; from the dice to the miniatures to the poker chips I give my players as Action Points.  So, here are the potions I came up with; when I first made them, I had something specific in mind, but upon further reflection, the symbol on each one could mean a lot of different things, so I also included some ideas for using them.

Red Cross

Ok, this one is medicine, and I wouldn’t recommend muddling the issue by assigning a different meaning to the symbol.


Makes the character fly for a certain amount of time
Gives the character the ability to talk to birds
Falling from high up doesn’t hurt the character
Character can control the wind
Character can run really fast


Character can breathe underwater
Unlimited water gushes out when you open the stopper
Character can talk to water creatures
Character can walk on water

Human Outline

Turns character invisible
Smashing causes a “twin” of the character to appear for a certain amount of time


Character can see in the dark
Character can see invisible things
Character can see far away
Character gets a bonus to search checks
Character can make someone else blind

Circular Arrows

Grants a reroll
Character can switch their “role” (e.g. a healer can become a
wizard) for a certian amount of time
Character is swapped with another character at the table for a certain amount of time
Character can go back and change a decision they made


You can download the PDF here.  I’ll be adding it to the downloads section soon, and if you appreciate the work involved in making these, that’s where you can donate to the blog.  They’re one inch wide, so the round punch mentioned in the last RPGKids! article I wrote should work great to cut them out.  I would also use the foam mentioned in that article as backing for the tokens. 

Have fun!

What other uses can you think of for the potions?  What kinds of potions would you like to see me make next?

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One Response to RPGKids! – Aborted Playtest & A Freebie!

  1. Bobby Jennings says:

    Great idea, and you know it works well for first time gamers.

    Love what you have done, but, some of your icons get lost in the great artwork. Perhaps a generic bottom(even moreso than you already have) would work better. I’ll see if I have anything I can toss your way.

    But otherwise, great stuff.

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