Level Up — Episode #7

We’re back from RegulatorCon and we have a lot to talk about!  On this week’s episode, we discuss a kit of items for maxing out your leader’s healing potential.  We respond to a listener email about options for multiclassing on a cleric.  And finally, we respond to the question in this article from the Dungeon’s Master blog: are avengers the worst striker ever?

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.  Leave a comment below, email us at podcast@rovingbandofmisfits.com, or send a tweet to Benoit or Hamblin.

Level Up logo by Wesley K. Hall. Music by pornophonique and is available for free under the Creative Commons license.
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6 Responses to Level Up — Episode #7

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  2. Sentack says:

    Great show guys, I just learned about you from Dungeon Masters. and just caught episode #7. Do keep up with the good work, I’m liking what I hearing.

    That being said, I hear now that you guys are part of the big Avenger debate that’s been doing on lately on the D&D blog-o-sphere. You guys bring up a lot of the points I’ve found true about Avengers such as, accuracy is not as exciting as big damage numbers, the requirements for oath are high and tend to be a very visual thing for a DM to screw with (Kind or unkind as the DM may be), and lastly that avengers class features are highly lacking.

    Now, while you can come up with a complex but interesting and effective multi/hybrid class version of the Avenger that can stand up a little better, I find that you can generate any kind of combo for almost any class like that and make a ‘workable’ alternative to the original class. Still this doesn’t help the guy rolling a level 1 Avenger at a D&D Encounters game, or even the guy in the regular weekly game till often mid-paragon tier. That could be almost a year before he sees his class suddenly become ‘effective’ instead of being ineffective or even worse, a liability.

    Over all, I look at classes side by side, using a standard array of feats and stats. No funky hybrids/multi-classes. No fancy magic items, and just try to see how they compare side by side. Typically I look at them at level 1, 11, 21 and then 30. Just to see if they really improve and when I did that to Avengers, I just didn’t find anything satisfying about this rather cool class concept.


  3. Lynceus says:

    One thing that makes the Super Healer/Pacifist Cleric more effective is an item called the Cincture of Vivacity, which is a level 14 belt slot item. What it does is, it allows any excess healing done to the wearer of the belt become temporary hit points. If your Defender, or even most of your party is wearing these, it completely changes the healing paradigm. Your Leader could go first, and drop a big heal on another character, granting them a ton of temporary hit points, and not have to worry about waiting until they are bloodied or near death so as not to ‘waste’ their healing power.

  4. Generic Fighter says:

    You guys are awesome but This episode is NOT showing up in iTunes at the moment. just a heads up:)


    • James Hamblin says:

      The episode is up there, I’m not sure why it isn’t on the list of most recent episodes. If you subscribe to the podcast, it will download episode #7 as the most recent. Enjoy!

  5. Grimgrin says:

    I played a Pursueing Avenger, but completely ignored the “willing” adjective. First I bull rushed to isolate then a follow-up censure attack.

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