Where To Get Gamma World Miniatures: Saurian

This article is part of an ongoing series where we talk about places to get Gamma World miniatures to represent your PC.  For the rest of the series, click the “Article Series” link on the menu bar, above.  Since we don’t own all these minis, we always recommend checking with the manufacturer if you’re unsure about scale.

So, a Saurian is basically a big dinosaur-man.  When I first started researching minis for this article, I Googled things like “dinosaur miniatures” and “dinosaur man miniatures.”  I didn’t have much luck.  Then, a few days later, I had a facepalm moment.  Of course!  There are plenty of dinosaur man miniatures out there, it’s just that they have different names, like Lizardfolk and Troglodytes and Drakes and Dragonborn.  And so we were off to the races.  While there are plenty of these minis in fantasy ranges, none of them have Omega Tech type weapons.  Modifying minis is always an option, though we would also recommend checking out the Garn Warriors from Khurasan minis or the Sligg Soldier from Reaper if Omega Tech is a must-have item for your mini.

Prepainted Miniatures

Unpainted Miniatures

  • Garn WarriorsKhurasan Miniatures Scroll down a bit to find them.  These look kind of crocodile, but sport Omega Tech.
  • He-Who-Kills (T-Rex)Khurasan Miniatures This is from the 15mm range, but it is a very large mini.  I can’t tell whether it would do well as a 25mm mini.
  • TroglodytesOtherworld Miniatures Scroll down, they’re the last three items on the page.
  • Lizardman WarriorsOtherworld Miniatures About 1/3 of the way down the page.
  • Sligg Soldier (with Omega Tech), Plus 4 more pages of Lizard themed minis – Reaper Miniatures  The featured mini in this article is the Lizardman Tyrant.
  • Warhammer Lizardman ArmyGames Workshop You can browse the selection via the menu on the left.  There are quite a few to choose from.
  • Lizardmen, Mini T-Rex – Ironwind Metals
  • NewtsMega Miniatures These are out of print (as Mega Miniatures is shortly to go out of business).  As of right now, the link provided takes you to a reseller.
  • LizardmenTrollforged Miniatures
  • Gorn – Heritage Miniatures These minis are also out of print.  I couldn’t find them anywhere other than ebay.
  • RogHydra Miniatures This one is unique because it doesn’t look like your typical carnivore dinosaur, but rather an herbivore dinosaur.
  • Francis GatorPulp City Miniatures Saurian/Redneck. What do you mean that’s not a real origin?

That’s just a start, really.  No self-respecting fantasy miniatures manufacturer is without lizardmen.  Which ones did I miss?

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3 Responses to Where To Get Gamma World Miniatures: Saurian

  1. Jay says:

    Oh you need to add Trandoshans from Star Wars! Lot’s of lizard dudes with lasers! And for unpainted, Newts from Traveller. There’s also some old Hertiage minis of the Gorn from Star Trek out there.

  2. Jay says:

    Yeah I hear ya, the Gorn are tough to find. I kind of like the Trandoshans as a modern interpretation. Of course if Wizkids adds expansions to their new Star Trek minis game, then we may see some in the near future!

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