Level Up – Episode #10

On this episode Benoit and Hamblin discuss racial paragon path options.  Benoit looks at the various Drow paragon paths, and Hamblin talks about how to use a Goliath paragon path (and some other things) to get threatening reach.

We also talk about our philosophies about how to choose paragon paths in general.

The paragon paths we talked about were:

  • Drow Wanderer (Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide)
  • Curseborn (Dragon Magazine 367)
  • Dread Fang (Martial Power)
  • Stoneblessed (Player’s Handbook 2)

As always, we want your feedback!  Leave a comment below, email us at podcast@rovingbandofmisfits.com, or send a tweet to Benoit or Hamblin.

Level Up logo by Wesley K. Hall. Music by pornophonique and is available for free under the Creative Commons license.
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