Where To Find Gamma World Minis: Octopoid

This post is part of a series wherein we point readers to good miniatures to use for their Gamma World PCs.  The rest of the series can be found in the “Article Series” menu item.  As always, check with the manufacturer before buying if you are unsure of a mini’s size.

Legion of Gold describes the Octopoid origin as someone human in appearance, with an octopus head.  I don’t know if the designers realized it at the time (I’m guessing they did), but that pretty much describes a Mind Flayer.  And there are plenty of those, right?  I mean, it’s super easy to find Mind Flayer minis, right? Well, sort of.  See, Wizards of the Coast sort of has this copyright issue with people using the name “Mind Flayer” and “Illithid,” so if you’re going to be selling a mini that looks like a Mind Flayer, you’d better call it something else.  That’s kind of where the trouble in locating these minis comes from.  And of course, there’s the whole Cthulhu angle, but again, copyright issues.  Here’s what I came up with:

Prepainted Minis

Unpainted Minis

  • Psychic FlayerBlack Tree Designs
  • Bathalian – Reaper Bathalian is the “something else” that Reaper calls Mind Flayers.  They have a whole line, so there’s quite a few to choose from.
  • Krong the MightyOld Glory Miniatures
  • WalktapusArmorcast
  • KalovonBlack Orc Miniatures Mildly NSFW
  • Cult of the Octopus GodKhurasan Miniatures I’m fairly sure these are 15mm, though I could be wrong.  Scroll down to find the set.
  • Cthulhu PriestsTrollforged Miniatures There is also a Cthulhu high priest, though I don’t know if he’s too big (fits on a 40mm base).
  • Sir Herbert Sogoth SmytheFiendish Fabrications This one is great if your character is a refined English gentleman. With an octopus head.

Out of Print Miniatures

There were enough out of print “Octopoid” miniatures, that I thought they warranted their own category.  Try ebay, or other various resellers if you’re feeling especially adventurous.

  • Mind DisruptorDungeon Dwellers It’s the second one in the second row (item 1260A)
  • BthuluUnknown
  • QuytledMagnificent Egos I believe Noble Knight games has a feature where they will let you know if something comes in stock.
  • WalktapusLance & Laser and Ral Partha Scroll down about halfway.  These are both similar, and really cool.
  • Illithid, Mind FlayerRal Partha

Well kids, that’s about it for Octopoid.  Tune in next time for another fun Gamma World origin!!

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3 Responses to Where To Find Gamma World Minis: Octopoid

  1. Jay says:

    How about the “Quarren” from Star Wars?

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