Level Up — Episode #11

We have a special episode this week.  Teos Abadia, one of the administrators of the new Ashes of Athas campaign talks with us about this new organized play opportunity.  Ashes of Athas is currently being offered at some of the big gaming conventions around the country (including Origins and GenCon Indy coming up later this summer).  You can find out more at the main Ashes of Athas page.  You can also send Teos a tweet at @Alphastream, or check out his blog.

As always, we want your feedback!  Leave a comment below, email us at podcast@rovingbandofmisfits.com, or send a tweet to Benoit or Hamblin.

Level Up logo by Wesley K. Hall. Music by pornophonique and is available for free under the Creative Commons license.
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