Weekly Roundup: Finished Mini Edition

This week, I finished painting the mini for the winner of our “name the podcast mascot” contest.  Here is the finished product.  The mini is Reaper’s “Gilam, Dwarf Rune Spelunker.”

Click for full size

In case you’re wondering, yes, I did use what I’ve been learning from Gregwa’s “How to Photograph Miniatures” series when I took the pictures of the mini.  Check it out if you want to learn more.

And now, some articles:

Unless you were living under a rock this week, you already know that Paizo has announced a prepainted plastic minis line.  If this is news to you, get more info at Troll in the Corner where they make the announcement.

Also out this week was the new D&D 4e video game “Daggerdale.”  Now, we’re not ones to buy video games because of the cool cover; we usually check out the reviews first.  Lucky for us, Critical Hits did just that.  Find out what they thought of the game before you decide to buy.  Or you could click here for other reviews.

Rob at Some Space to Think proposed a “unified GM rating system” and solicited ideas from the RPG community for categories that should go into the system.  Check it out to see what goes into the “Donoghue Score.”

Age of Ravens had a thought-provoking article on when a player should reveal their character’s back story, and more importantly, secrets.

Finally, TheSheDM (via NewbieDM) wrote about bribing her players to participate in worldbuilding and campaign maintenance this week.  While “bribing” players for all sorts of reasons is nothing new, her method is unique.  Check it out.

If you’re an RPG Blogger, don’t forget to check out our new Game Night blog carnival, kicking off this Tuesday!!

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One Response to Weekly Roundup: Finished Mini Edition

  1. edige23 says:

    Thanks for the mention- a nice set of links including a couple of great articles I’d missed!

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