Where to Get Gamma World Miniatures: Demon

This article is part of a series where we explore good sources of Gamma World miniatures for your PC.  For the rest of the series, check the “Article Series” link in the menu bar.  As always, check size with the manufacturer before ordering.  We certainly don’t own all of these.

So, we’re getting down to the last few origins here.  I won’t be covering all the origins, as my original intent was to source only the more exotic ones.  Today’s origin may seem like I’m picking the low hanging fruit, and I kind of am.  But there aren’t that many more to do.  As I’m sure you can guess, there are lots and lots of demon minis out there, especially if you don’t restrict yourself to “stereotypical” demons, and consider minis that are simply monstrous or grotesque (Slaad are just one example I came across).  I’m not going to cover them all.  Not even close.  I’ll try to pick the best, and feel free to add any I missed in the comments.

Prepainted Miniatures

Unpainted Miniatures

After looking at all these minis, I think I would gravitate towards the more “grotesque” type minis for demons rather than the “horns, tail, and wings” side of the spectrum.  But that’s just me.  Which do you prefer?

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3 Responses to Where to Get Gamma World Miniatures: Demon

  1. Absolutely love that demon child from Hasslefree. If I rolled up a demon for Gamma World I don’t think I could resist using that mini and calling my character lil’ bastard.

  2. The Id DM says:

    I painted the Hellborn Wizard for a player in my campaign; it was posted a few months back. It is a great-looking mini (even with my less-than-professional paint job!).


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