Weekly Roundup: New Kickstarter Widget Edition

As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve added a new widget to the sidebar over there —>.  It’s from Kickstarter.  A few weeks back, we were touting the Dungeon Geomorph Dice project that we found on the site; just this week, we found the Compact Heroes project.  It seems as though Kickstarter is going to be a hotbed of game development projects (they even have a games category), so we decided that when we find a project we’re excited about, we’ll add the widget to the sidebar.  In other words, it won’t always be there, and if you see it there, it’s because we’ve found a really cool project that we’re really excited about (and are probably backing).  So pay attention when you see it!  By the way, if you still want to get an advance copy of Compact Heroes, the project expires this week.  We’re thinking about doing a Geomorph Dice/Compact Heroes mashup game…

rjb’s rubric posted an article this week on why he’s feeling burnt out on 4e.  Some might call is system bloat, and we can’t say we disagree with his feeling of being overwhelmed with options sometimes.

When we were planning the shipboard portion of our recent adventure, we were disappointed to find an unsatisfactory number of aquatic creatures in the D&D library.  We settled on Sahuagin and custom made Water Genasi, but we would have liked to have more choices without having to resort to custom making monsters ourselves.  That’s why we were excited to see At-Will post some great aquatic monsters as part of their Aquatic Adventures series.  Free, highly useful content = Teh good!  (Also, as an aside, they’re getting back into podcasting with little 5 minute nuggets.  Neat format.)

If you’re currently feeling in a more cerebral mood, you should definitely check out the article at Geek Related on what RPGs teach you.  That, and there’s apparently an International Journal of Roleplaying.  Who knew? (link to the Journal in Geek Related’s article…)

We were intrigued by Dungeon’s Master‘s article on accepting a suicide mission.  That’s all we’ll say.  Well, that and, “it’s unlikely you’ll make it out of this alive.”

Finally, this last link is for my (Benoit’s) group.  It has nothing to do with 4e, so everyone else will have to forgive me.  They were asking about Wild West RPGs this week; first to mind was Boot Hill, but I also came across this Weird West review at Jeff’s Gameblog this week, and wanted to pass it along to them (and anyone else who might be interested…) 

If anyone else knows of a Wild West RPG to pass along to them, please leave it in the comments, because I’m clearly tapped out.  See you next week!!

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One Response to Weekly Roundup: New Kickstarter Widget Edition

  1. Brian J. says:

    Thumbs up on the Kickstarter thing. I’m expecting my batch of dice soon (I would have gotten all of them but didn’t keep up with the fact that they added dice sets). Keep an eye out for other awesome stuff.

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