Where to get Gamma World Minis: Alien

This article is part of a series where we discuss good places to find miniatures for your Gamma World PC.  For the rest of the series, check out the “Article Series” link above.  As always, if you are unsure about a mini’s size, check with the manufacturer.

If you read the Famine in Far-Go Gamma World sourcebook, it describes your alien appearance as being informed by your other origin.  And that’s fine, as far as it goes, but what if you want to look like the “classic” alien?  Or what if your other origin is “non-descript” like mind bender?  The trouble with finding alien minis isn’t their scarcity, because they’re not.  The biggest problem is scale.  Most Sci-Fi miniatures games are generally played in 15mm scale, which is far too small for a 25mm game (contrary to some of the suggestions I may or may not have made earlier in this series).  The other problem stems from the fact that aliens don’t have a “standard” appearance, especially in science fiction.  They could be anything that looks… well, alien.  All that to say, what follows is my best guess to what you might want for an alien mini.

Prepainted Minis

Duros Explorer, Rodian Scoundrel, Trandoshan MercenaryBith Black Sun Vigo, Djas Puhr, Rodian Hunt Master, Arcona Smuggler, Varactyl Wrangler, Neimoidan Soldier, Nautolan Soldier – Star Wars Miniatures  Oh man, there’s a lot here.  Certainly more than I have listed.  I didn’t sift through every single Star Wars mini, but if you want to sift through them yourself to find the perfect one for your PC, start here, and select any of the categories that have the word “singles” at the end.  You could also try searching by race.  For example, if you like the look of a Trandoshian, but not the specific mercenary mini I have listed, you should try searching “Trandoshian.”

Unpainted Minis

That’s about it for this installment.  Catch us next time, when hopefully we’ll have a longer list!

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2 Responses to Where to get Gamma World Minis: Alien

  1. Jay says:

    That’s a good list. Hydra Miniatures also produces some pulp/classic looking aliens that look great: http://shop.hydraminiatures.com/index.php?cPath=2_37

    • Benoit says:

      Oh, good suggestion. Their Primal Dawn line also has some good Gamma World minis, I’ve added those to their respective articles. Thanks!

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