Weekly Roundup: Beyond the Stat Block Edition

This week, we received an email from Corey, letting us know about his web project – Beyond the Stat Block.  We could describe it for you, but instead we’ll use his words:

A new project launched a couple of weeks ago, with the goal of providing flavor text for every creature power across the D&D 4e universe. It’s all starting with MM1. You can sign up for an account and start writing, and you level up (and gain editorial powers) as you write flavor text and gain XP. It’s a big, ambitious project that really needs help from the community.

That’s right.  The community is being called upon to provide flavor text for monster powers.  Get those creative juices flowing, go forth, and write!  But first, read some articles!

 NewbieDM had a guest article on making flying stands for minis.  We’ve been thinking about doing this very thing for a while now (even have the extendable “antennas” sitting around here somewhere), so it was nice to see a tutorial to save on trial and error.  These look really good!

Critical Hits reviewed Conquest of Nerath, WotC’s new D&D based boardgame.  There’s been a lot of talk about this one because it does not follow the same template as earlier D&D boardgames, and is instead more like “Risk.”

The Labyrinth wondered if GenCon is turning into a board game convention. The numbers are impressive, but we think it’s also important to note that RPGs have been steadily increasing every year as well.

In recognition of Origins this weekend, we thought we’d point you to Eclipse Phase‘s Jack Graham. In his blog this week, he discusses why the Origins Game Awards still matter.

Intwischa talked about the importance of maps in your campaign.  This was one of the stark differences I noticed when comparing the re-made Gamma World adventures to their originals.  The originals had detailed maps of locations.

Finally, in light of that, we thought we’d point you to Dave’s Mapper.  It’s not a blog post, it’s an instant dungeon (cavern, city) generator that we just discovered this week.  It’s fun to play around with, just don’t lose track of time… The best part about this dungeon generator?  It uses actual art by other bloggers.  Check it out!

Hope everyone at Origins has fun.  If you see Hamblin, be sure to say hi!

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