Weekly Roundup: Secret Project Revealed Edition

Recently, I hinted at a “secret” project I’ve been working on.  Well, time to pull back the curtain.  I have been building 3D models of the Fourthcore Deathmatch maps for GenCon.  The first two maps are done, and I’ve posted pictures here – I put them in a separate article because there are too many for a weekly roundup.  The third map is secret, so I won’t be posting any pics of that model.  Check them out (next article), or if you’ll be at GenCon, come see them in person!  The models will be for sale at GenCon after the Deathmatch, and any models not sold at the end of the con will go up on Ebay.  I’ll announce that here if I end up auctioning them.  Now, on to some articles…

Geneome showed us how he made the Ritual Tower from the Dark Sun adventure “Revenge of the Marauders.”  This is as simple and inexpensive as a project can get, and it still looks great!

Spinoff Online wondered if Hollywood is over its love affair with geek culture.  While not a D&D specific article, it’s still a good read.

Arcane Springboard conjectured about the future of D&D over at This Is My Game.  Is D&D close to 5th edition, or is 4th edition simply expanding further?  Time will tell.

Daily Encounter gave us a free multi-part skill challenge.  In it, PCs need to evacuate a town before the adjacent river overflows its banks.  Success is measured in how many villagers are killed in the natural disaster.  Check this one out!

Finally, The D&Dverse was rocked on Tuesday, as Save Versus Death announced that he will no longer be working on Fourthcore, then followed up with this explanation.  We hope to see Fourthcore live on, however, as fans continue to develop within this subgenre of D&D (and we believe he has this hope as well).

Don’t forget to check out the Deathmatch model pics – next article down!

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2 Responses to Weekly Roundup: Secret Project Revealed Edition

  1. Scott says:


    You guys aren’t pod-fading, are you? I just found the podcast in June and have been enjoying it…


    • Benoit says:

      No, we’re actually recording tonight. We had some scheduling conflicts, and then Hamblin was at Origins.

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