Level Up — Episode #13: Athas, Sentinels, and Encounters

We are back from our hiatus!  Hamblin took a vacation and went to Origins to play some Ashes of Athas.  Benoit has been hard at work building terrain for GenCon, and has started teaching his daughter to play D&D.

We also have a special guest, Ameron from DungeonsMaster.com.  We discuss the first two chapters of the Ashes of Athas campaign, Benoit talks about his new Sentinel druid he is playing at D&D Encounters, and Derek also talks about his experiences with Dark Sun and running Encounters.

Some links Derek mentioned:

As always, we want your feedback!  Leave a comment below, email us at podcast@rovingbandofmisfits.com, or send a tweet to Benoit or Hamblin.

Level Up logo by Wesley K. Hall. Music by pornophonique and is available for free under the Creative Commons license.
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7 Responses to Level Up — Episode #13: Athas, Sentinels, and Encounters

  1. Shawn Merwin says:

    Hey guys, I really enjoyed Episode 13. I appreciate your discussion of the expectation of players when you try to create an encounter that is “outside the box.” It is so tough to make all players happy, and it is always a balancing act to try something different and not get blasted for it. Your discussion of Essentials vs. other 4e characters was also spot-on.

  2. Ameron says:

    I just wanted to again thank you guys for having me on the podcast. I had a great time.

  3. benensky says:

    Great podcast. Ameron was a interesting addition. He gave good insight into encounters, Dark Sun and essentials characters. Also, the encounters chat was fun to listen to. I have gotten a better feel for it now. This includes the type of people who come and what prizes they give out.

    Hamblin’s segment on Origins and Ashes of Athis made me wish I did not miss it this year. I plan to go with my son again next year. My brother lives in Columbus and I crash at his house for free.

    You should bring Ameron back before the next encounters season and build some characters. That would be something different to listen to.

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  5. Alphastream says:

    Nice podcast, and thanks for discussing Ashes of Athas! We are working on edits to Chapter Two for Gen Con, so please do provide feedback on our forums (there is a special area for feedback for the chapters).

    Designing alternative encounters is a ton of fun. For the one you mentioned, it may be fun to compare the rules in that adventure to the vehicle combat rules in Adventurer’s Vault. I started with all of those rules and slowly hacked away at them until I had almost none of that left. It was really important to do that for the sense of speed and urgency. For a more tactical and longer experience I would do something different and add more of those rules back in. Not an issue of right or wrong, but of the goal/story for a certain encounter.

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