“Lazy” Shaman Hybrids

After our last podcast, we decided that articles would be the best way to give detail on the character builds we discuss.  This frees us up from having to read off every single power and feat choice during the podcast, and talk more about concepts and general choices.  We hope you enjoy these new supplements to our podcast!

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Shamans In General

A non-hybrid shaman gets some fundamental class features, the most important of which is your spirit companion.  You summon your companion as a minor action, and many of your attacks and other class features work off of your shaman.  Many of your powers will have a range of “melee spirit”, which means the attack is usable if the target is adjacent to your spirit.  Depending on which style of spirit you choose (bear, eagle, world serpent, etc.), you get powers and features that are unique to that style.

“Lazy” Shamans

As a hybrid shaman, you don’t get all of the features associated with your spirit style, but you do get an at-will attack power.  To be a “lazy” shaman, you’ll want to choose the Elemental Spirit, which gives you the power called Spirit Infusion.  This is a standard action that targets an ally adjacent to your spirit.  The spirit is dismissed (though it can be resummoned with another minor action), and the ally can make a basic attack with a +2 power bonus to the attack roll and a power bonus to the damage roll equal to your Intelligence modifier.

In addition to this at-will, shaman has other powers that also grant other players attacks.

For example, in Primal Power there is an E3 called Sly Fox Spirit which grants a basic attack to an ally adjacent to your spirit, and if that attack hits, grants a second basic attack to a second ally adjacent to your spirit.  As another example, there is a D5 called Vengeful Blood Spirits in Primal Power that lets two allies make charge attacks, doing an extra d10 on a hit, and also gives those allies +2 to hit and damage with charge attacks for the rest of the encounter.

Since none of these powers use Wisdom, and as a hybrid shaman you only ever need to have three shaman attack powers (one at-will, one encounter, and one daily), then you don’t need to have any Wisdom at all if you choose these powers.

You’re then free to choose your other hybrid class to be almost anything.  Ideally you might choose something based on Intelligence to make your Spirit Infusion as effective as possible.

If you’re feeling especially lazy, you could even hybrid warlord/shaman, and take all the warlord powers that also grant attacks to other players (Commander’s Strike, Powerful Warning, etc.).

If you build your character correctly, you won’t even need to bring any dice to the table!  Though you might have to borrow a d20 from someone for the occasional saving throw or skill check…

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One Response to “Lazy” Shaman Hybrids

  1. Excellent post! Love the notion of a “lazy” hybrid shaman/warlord, and am working a Longtooth Shifter up now as a “lazy” shaman/warlord, per the build suggestions in your post. I took the ‘Relentless Wounding’ level 1 daily from the warlord class as it seemed to maximize the damage done by my PC’s Int mod (+4) over an entire encounter by the entire party. Is there any other level 1 daily from the shaman class that you might suggest as an alternative?

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