Grab Fighters

After our last podcast, we decided that articles would be the best way to give detail on the character builds we discuss.  This frees us up from having to read off every single power and feat choice during the podcast, and talk more about concepts and general choices.  We hope you enjoy these new supplements to our podcast!

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Martial Power 2 introduced an interesting new build for fighters: the Brawler.  Instead of the normal weapon talent (+1 to hit with one- or two-handed weapons), you get the following benefits:

  • While wielding a one-handed weapon in your main hand, and your off-hand is free or grabbing a creature, you get +1 AC and +2 Fortitude
  • In addition, you get a +2 enhancement bonus to unarmed attack rolls, and a +2 bonus to grab attacks and attacks to move a creature you are grabbing (increases to +4 and +6 at paragon/epic)

These combo well with a new at-will, Grappling Strike, where you make a standard Strength vs. AC attack against your target, and on a hit, you grab the target until the end of your next turn.  This is a great way to grab monsters without making the standard “grab” attack, which doesn’t include modifiers from your weapon and doesn’t do damage.  Fighters also got several good encounter and daily powers that work when your off-hand is free or grabbing a target.

To maximize the effectiveness of your grabs, here are some more tools you can use:

  • Inescapable Hold is a feat that makes enemies trying to escape your grab have to roll against your Fortitude instead of Reflex, even if they use Acrobatics
  • Forceful Drag is an encounter U2 power move action where, if you have a creature grabbed, you can move up to your speed, dragging the creature with you, and then knock it prone.  Which combos nicely with…
  • Pin Down, a feat that says that any prone creature that you have grabbed can’t stand until you end the grab or it escapes
  • World Serpent’s Grasp is a feat that says whenever you hit a slowed or immobilized target with an attack, you can knock it prone

With these abilities, you grab an enemy, use Forceful Drag to knock it prone, and then keep regrabbing it every turn, keeping it prone (hopefully) for a long time.  Alternatively, once you have an enemy grabbed, it is immobilized, so hitting it again will knock it prone.  Making the enemy roll against your Fortitude is especially good since you already have a high Fort from being a fighter, and you get an extra +2 from being a Brawler.  You might even toss on the Superior Fortitude feat for an extra +2 to your Fort defense (+3/+4 at paragon/epic) to make it that much harder for the enemy to escape.

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3 Responses to Grab Fighters

  1. benensky says:

    Way to follow up on the podcast. This saves time on the podcast and we still got all the details.

  2. simon says:

    You mentioned using the Gauntlet axe with this build in the podcast, and I immediately thought of adding the Headsman’s Chop feat for some extra damage on all your proned enemies….

  3. kincle says:

    There’s also Vicious Advantage, which combos nicely when using Grappling Strike on someone you’ve already grabbed.
    In the game I’m playing, I’m a seeker that uses a net to slow and my brother’s a brawling fighter with World Serpent’s Grasp, Pin Down, Vicious Advantage, and Headsman’s Chop for his Khopesh. All the ranged characters in our party use Grounding Shot.

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