Weekly Roundup: Loot! Edition

You’ve heard of Woot! right?  It’s a deal-a-day site that has several shootoffs (shirt.woot, wine.woot, moofi.woot, etc.) that offer a deal on some product every day.  Well, just this week, we discovered a new deal-a-day site like Woot!, except dedicated to all things gaming.  The site?  Loot!  Check it out now (there won’t be a deal today because they don’t post on weekends).  And thanks to Thadeous of This Is My Game for the link.  Oh and also, on a totally unrelated note, you can vote for the Ennies here.

Dice of Doom had some great ways to scale back the wealth of the PCs in your game without sparking a mutiny.  We especially like the “con man” idea.

Neogrognard posted a few reasons why he feels 4e threw itself under a bus.  Agree or disagree, this article is worth a read.

A Character For Every Game posted a roundup of maps from around the blogosphere.  If you’re as into maps as he is, check it out.  It’s a great source of bloggers who regularly post maps to steal.  We love a good roundup!

TheSheDM proposed a really cool technique for making encounter maps on your erasable mat.  Be sure to read the comments at the bottom, there are some great ideas there, too. We will definitely be trying this one.

And finally, something so awful, it’s awesome.  Check the link in this post from Joe the Lawyers Wondrous Imaginings for a teaser video created by TSR back in the 90’s.  Apparently, they were dabbling in board games that are played alongside a VHS tape.  Thanks YouTube!

Until next week….

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2 Responses to Weekly Roundup: Loot! Edition

  1. RupertG says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for mentioning our Monty Haul post. The ‘con man’ is my personal favourite too… 🙂

  2. Brian J. says:

    That illithid looks way too awesome to be there.

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