Weekly Roundup: Site of the Month Edition

We’ve been named Site of the Month over at Stuffer Shack! w00t! Go check out their site too – they have lots of good crunch and fluff to steal, as well as some great thoughtful articles. Where else can you find good RPG articles this week? Glad you asked…

Lapsus Calumni posted a short adventure using the same map as The Deepwood Memorial.  While it’s not written for D&D 4e, it should be pretty easy to take the story elements and add the proper crunchy bits. (Note: the author of the adventure is also the map’s creator)

Adding to the non-D&D articles, we have the Asshat Paladins who posed a month long blogger’s challenge to sketch a brief outline of a short adventure every day in September.  While this challenge was for the OSR community, there will be plenty of plot hooks and plots flying around the blogosphere this month – and those are things anyone can use. (The end of the post lists the blogs participating)

Leonine Roar reviewed the Rituals Index.  This is a great roundup of all the 4e ritual types, and even if you only read through the 64 types of rituals listed to garner ideas for your game, this one is worth a look.

Wizards of the Coast posted a preview of the rules for Hirelings and Henchmen from the upcoming Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium.  One of our favorite things about these new rules is the way that hirelings are handled – they’re minions with a base stat block, and then the player adds traits to the stat block based upon what type of hireling it is.  Pretty elegant.

Tomorrow, we’ll be recording a new episode of Level Up where we’ll be discussing the new Neverwinter themes. With that in mind, we thought we’d link the article at Dungeon’s Master Giving Character Backgrounds and Themes Teeth.”

Finally, this week we came across the blog Dungeon Bastard.  A self-proclaimed “Adventure Coach,” there are plenty of humorous “meta” D&D themed videos to peruse.  You can also find the videos on the Epic Level TV channel on Youtube.

What fun D&D articles got your wheels turning this week?

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