Level Up — Episode #18: Themes, More Themes, and Common Items

We’ve got a giant-sized episode for you on this Labor Day, to thank the hundreds(!) of you that listen to our little show.

In this episode, Benoit details a lot of the themes from the new Neverwinter Campaign Setting.  Hamblin talks about a couple of his favorite themes from some Dragon articles that came out a few months back.

In addition, Hamblin gives some strategies for what items new low-level characters in Living Forgotten Realms might take as they level up.

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7 Responses to Level Up — Episode #18: Themes, More Themes, and Common Items

  1. Jeff Dougan says:

    Overall, I liked your discussion of magic items for low-level LFR characters. I think, though, that the decision of whether to get armor or neck slot first has some significant dependence on whether you play a primarily melee or primarily ranged character — with the latter being able to get away with taking a neck slot item before armor. (Monster ranged powers are pretty close to a toss-up between targeting AC and targeting a NAD, with Reflex being the most common of those.)

  2. benensky says:

    When I tweet about you I say you are the best 4E strategy podcast since Radio Free Hommlet. Since that is true you will get lots of LFR players and Min-Maxers. The longer you are arround, the more you will get.

  3. Chuck Ocenasek says:

    I was kinda hearing you guys downplay the Pack Outcast. I have a utility Bow Warlord and the ability to turn into a wolf is awesome. First I get the enhancement bonus of my weapon so as a minor action I go from having a ranged to a melee weapon and no need to go chasing a secondary weapon. My +2 Vicious bow is now a +2 Vicious bite. Also it is listed as being a weapon so it gets the bonus from Master of Arms. Also I am still able to use my powers and I have greater mobility.

    Is it super frost cheese broken? No, but is it effective and fun…absolutley.

  4. Chuck Ocenasek says:

    FYI I am one of those people who listen to your feed here on the site. I have no plans to ever download or register for I-tunes, keep up the good work.

  5. Chlar'r says:

    All of these themes are tied to factions in 4E Neverwinter, so there should be ample opportunities to use features like diplomacy for demon worshippers.

    • Benoit says:

      While talking about the Neverwinter Noble theme, I made a similar comment; if your campaign is taking place exclusively in Neverwinter, such a skill bonus is really good. However, keep in mind that Neverwinter is one city the Forgotten Realms, and many campaigns use The Realms as a whole – including the not small Living Forgotten Realms campaign. For someone who will not spend an entire campaign in Neverwinter, but rather a small fraction of it, these skill bonuses become less good.

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