New Monster: Occulites

A few months ago, I was listening to the Going Last Gaming Podcast, and they mentioned  some new minis called “Occulites.” Being a podcast that talks about minis a lot, that’s not uncommon, but their description of these minis piqued my curiosity.  The next time I was near a computer, I went to the site for Darwin Games, and the Occulites really captured my imagination.  I kind of forgot about them for a while though.  Then, just last week, they had a great interview with the creator of the Occulites, and the games related to them. 

The minis aren’t made for D&D, and they’re not a D&D monster.  The games look really fun, and I encourage you to check them out.  However, when I see a mini, I tend to think, “that needs to be a monster I can use in my D&D game.”

As a result, I took a little time with Power 2ool to gin up some low level monsters for you to use.  Feel free to steal them!


What would you change about my Occulites stats?

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2 Responses to New Monster: Occulites

  1. Okay, I may be in love with these ridiculous little monsters. If I were to use them in my game, I would give your Combat Roll ability to all of the occulites as a unifying thematic power. Add in a lurker that does extra damage when it has combat advantage, and you have a tribe of flanking little death balls.

    Thanks for linking to some unique minis.

  2. Alphastream says:

    Nice monsters! You know, these guys work great in Gamma World too. In fact, we are getting dangerously close to being able to run a 4E version of Barrier Peaks with a combination of Occulites, veggepigmies, GW monsters and items…

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