Winter is Coming: Frostburn

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Not to be confused with yesterday’s post (Frostbite), Frostburn is a new alchemical item. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Alchemy feat lately, mostly because the only support it has gotten is in the original Adventurer’s Vault “Alchemy” section, and a smattering of Dragon Magazines.  Furter, it hasn’t received much support in the Living Forgotten Realms campaign (to my knowledge).  And that’s a shame, because I could see several really cool character concepts built around the Alchemy feat, especially when one considers the “modification” rules from the AV – some alchemical items can be modified into arrows or sling bullets.  Plus, I had a lot of fun designing Plantmind Potion for The Workshop of the Mad Alchemist.

At any rate, I wanted to make a zone based alchemical item that did not make an attack, but rather imposed a movement penalty (through terrain modification), and a “debuff” to creatures inside the icy cold area. In other words, I wanted to make it completely different from Alchemist’s Frost, but still keep the cold theme intact.

What are your thoughts?  Too strong? Not strong enough? How would you have done it differently?

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