Winter is Coming: Snow Drift & Snowy Trees

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I think snow is a sorely underused combat terrain.  It presents many interesting effects that you can’t find anywhere else.  The sun shining on snow can be blinding. Wind whipping snow in your face can sting (or worse). If you don’t know what to look for, you could find yourself the victim of a snow drift.  And of course, who hasn’t kicked a snowy tree to knock its payload onto an unsuspecting rube?  Let’s see if we can include two of these little features into our game: the snow drift, and the snowy tree.  The first we’ll call a trap (hazard) and the second a terrain power to use in combat. (If you want some more terrain powers, check out this other article from the Winter is Coming carnival by Matthew Brenner of Blood, Sweat, and Dice).  Also, I should note that I’ve been using the “level agnostic” stat blocks that I make for my two page delves.

First up is the Snow Drift, which seems to me like the perfect snow themed hazard.  PCs who trust that solid ground lies beneath every step they take do so at their own peril…

Next up, we have the snowy tree.  For those of you who live in warmer climates, this is kind of like shaking a tree after a rainstorm to get your buddies wet.  Except, you know, with snow.  It’s a small minor action benefit that deals ongoing damage (only) and slows.

I’d love to hear what you think of these – between these two terrain elements and the terrain powers by Michael Brenner, you could put together a really fun snow themed combat!

If you’d like to check out the other blogs in the Winter is Coming blog festival, click here.

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