Weekly Roundup: Play A New RPG Month Is Underway Edition

 Well, it’s October, so that means that Play A New RPG Month is in full swing. Hopefully, you’ve been branching out with your group and trying something new. Be sure to check out the site, and weigh in on what you’ve been playing so that the moderators can keep track of all the participants. The link is in the sidebar there, or you can just click here.

The She DM posted a super easy to make, and really good looking set of tentacle miniatures. We love stuff like this.

If you liked all the contributions to the Winter is Coming blog carnival, you should definitely check out the carnival being hosted by A Man’s Brain Attic. Titled “A Night in the Lonesome October,” this one will be (predictably) horror/Halloween themed. If you’re a blogger, participate! If you’re not, keep an eye out for all the submissions.

 Daily Encounter proposed a new feat, and a whole pile of new cantrips that are full of flavor. Add them to your game, and see what your players do with them!

The ID DM discussed how to use scarcity to add tension and engagement in your game. As they always say… less is more.

If you remember a month or so ago, we highlighted the “adventure a day” challenge over at Asshat Paladins. The challenge is over, and you can check out a list of every single adventure idea posted. It’s quite a list, and would keep any DM busy for quite a while. (You’ll have to click through the links to specific blogs – they haven’t been compiled in a document, nor do I suspect they will be)

IntWisCha posted a short article on how to reconcile plot and mechanics when the two conspire against you.

Finally, Initiative or What posted an automated treasure generator. Free to download, all you need is Excel. Awesome!

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4 Responses to Weekly Roundup: Play A New RPG Month Is Underway Edition

  1. Ben says:

    I’ll second that on the great SheDM article. My octopus came in the mail the other day. My tentacles are drying on the hot glue bases now! Gonna be perfect for my Thunderspire Inner Santcum encounter with Scarmaker. I’ll do a YouTube vid at some point.

  2. Jeff Dougan says:

    I appreciate the signal boost, guys, but would like to make a (very) small correction. “A Night in the Lonesome October” is the proper name (taken from a woefully unknown book by the late Roger Zelazny; itself taken from a poem by Poe).

    But yes, I want anything spooky, or campy-spooky, or playing off a Universal/Hammer horror film, or tentacled and with an unpronounceable name. Pretty much, whatever the title evokes for you that’s RPG-friendly for your system of choice.

  3. The Id DM says:

    Thank you for including me in the Weekly Roundup. The scarcity article came to my mind rather quickly after attempting to track down the local special-edition microbrew. I followed my own advice last week, and it turned out pretty well. Cheers!

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