Weekly Roundup: Reading A Night In The Lonesome October Edition

So, as you may know, we participated in the “A Night in the Lonesome October” blog carnival. What you may not know is that the carnival’s name is based upon a book. We decided to pick up the book from our local library, and have been enjoying it immensly. We’re not done yet, but from where we’re at, we’d recommend it to anyone who likes classic horror. With that, on to the articles…

Tabletop Wizard gave us the lowdown on the Call of Chuthulu RPG, which considering the time of month, plus the fact that it’s (still) Play a New RPG month, seemed appropriate to include.

Dread Gazebo has been going through a rough patch with his DMing and his group, and has been honest enough to share those struggles on his blog. Check out some of the lessons he learned.

Stuffer Shack had some great thoughts as to whether PVP in an RPG is kosher, or whether it’s bad form. Weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments their article.

If you’re looking for a quick read, Stormin Da Castle had some thoughts on the most recent Legends and Lore article. Should all the monsters from previous editions make their way into the later ones?

And congratulations to Newbie DM who was interviewed by the new CNN blog Geek Out! RPG Kids is sure making a name for itself!

Finally, this week was the Game Night Blog Carnival, so we thought we’d link to this awesome and thorough statistical analysis on getting more brains in Zombie Dice by One Gamer’s Opinion. A must read for owners of the game.

Current contests (that we’re aware of) include:

  • Goinglast.net – Win your face on a game card! Check the “News” section of the show notes, and listen to this podcast.
  • Newbie DM and Gator Games (this one ends at midnight tonight!!) – Giving away a copy of the DMG and DMG2
  • Obsidian Portal and D20 Monkey – Monthly Caption Contest
  • Also, these aren’t contests, but we thought we’d mention them anyway – 10% off print products at the Evil Hat website (until 10/31) and 25% off Dragon Chow dice bags (until 11/1 using the code CHOMPY). Looks like it’s time to try out some Dresden files and get our first Dragon Chow dice bag!

Blast from the past (Weekly Roundup – Spoooooky Edition)
Aaron over at Phelanar’s Den gave us the perfect “wishlist vs. random treasure” hybrid system for doling out the goodies to the trick or trea…. I mean the party.


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One Response to Weekly Roundup: Reading A Night In The Lonesome October Edition

  1. Jeff Dougan says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the book. If I’d known in advance you were going to read it, I would have said something about the “right” way to approach a first reading (one chapter a day). If you’re already doing that, great! If not, try it that way sometime — it’s still a blast to do even when you know what’s going to happen.

    I’ve described it as “take the Universal/Hammer horror films, add a dash of Lovecraft, a pinch of Jack the Ripper and a measure of Sherlock Holmes. Run through a blender. Serve slowly.” It’s sadly out of print, and one of the very prolific Zelazny’s lesser-known works.

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