Two Page Mini Delves: Escape From The Badder Warren

It’s been a while since I posted a Two Page Mini Delve. This one is from an idea I had back when I was comparing the original Gamma World adventures to their new counterparts. I’ve actually been sitting on this particular one for about a month now; I didn’t want to post it before I ran my players through it. That’s right, Sunday was the first session of my new Gamma World campaign (sort of), and it all started with them tied up in the dark with no equipment. Overall, I’d say it went very well. The group didn’t end up exploring the entire map, opting instead to take the first exit they found. I also hit upon a few minor tweaks that needed to be made, the biggest of which was reducing the frequency of Stealth checks. Serial skill checks, I’ve found, grate on both the players and the DM. But that’s another post for another time. For the most part the adventure ran as I intended it to, and in about an hour.

This delve is taken directly from the pages of the original Famine in Far-go adventure. The escape from the Badder warren, in the original module, is only a small part of the overall adventure, and takes place after the characters visit the Forest of Knowledge. The characters all fall unconcious from eating berries in the Forest (take note, kids) and while in that state are hauled off by a passing band of Badders.

The map itself was drawn by me, and is my interpretation of the one from the original adventure. Many of the tunnels have been shortened because of space considerations, but the general layout is exactly the same. The number, placement, and content of rooms are basically the same as in the original adventure.

And of course, even though the delve was made for Gamma World, it is easily portable to a classic D&D game. Change “Badders” to something like “Orcs” or “Goblins.” Add some treasure in room 3. Translate some skills in the trap stat block. Done.

You can download the Mini Delve here. Enjoy!

I’d love to hear thoughts and play results!

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3 Responses to Two Page Mini Delves: Escape From The Badder Warren

  1. clayton says:

    Cool! Looks very similar to my own layouts when I write sessions. I tend to use Narrative stats blocks with shorthand notes for attacks / dmg etc, but otherwise very similar. I think for my next lvl one game I shall use this, with kobolds instead of badders. 🙂

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