Weekly Roundup: Trying MapTool Edition

We’ve been playing around with MapTool this past week, and we’re very impressed by it. We do have a DDi subscription, so we will also be checking out the VT Beta. However, since a lot of our gaming friends do not have a subscription, we will be using MapTool as a backup. We will say that the learning curve is a little steep, and help can sometimes be hard to find, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a very powerful and easy to use program.

Dice Monkey reminded us that there’s lots of 3d terrain accessories to be found at the dollar store. We especially like the recommendation for miniature pine trees from miniature Christmas village kits.

Neuroglyph Games lamented the loss of talent in the 4e community, as well as the difficulty of 3rd party publishing for 4th edition. This article was triggered by the farewell of the At-Will guys.

Greywulf’s Lair opined that the D&D universe should be more like Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k universe. (Go get a snack for this one, it’s long.)

The ID DM talked D&D design, freelancing, and how to write with WotC game designer Scott Fitzgerald. Lots of good advice and insight there, especially for aspiring freelancers.

Vanir over at Critical Hits talked about the danger of railroading an inside joke into your campaign. Our favorite quote in the article: my mantra for years both as a player and DM has been “there are other people at the table.”

Geek Ken talked about how much he misses scrolls in 4e, as well as some house rules he’s been using for them.

Finally, check out the Holiday Gift Guide for gamers series over at GameHead. Whether you’re a gamer, or are looking for gifts for a gamer in your life, this series is a fun read.

Blast from the Past (Weekly Roundup:  Gamma World Edition)

The Dungeon’s Master got us thinking about whether alignment is an important part of the 4e core rules, or if it’s simply become a byword.   We think that setting hard fast rules about what alignment is and isn’t had become too restrictive, and welcome the opportunities that a more open alignment system gives.


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5 Responses to Weekly Roundup: Trying MapTool Edition

  1. OnlineDM says:

    Yay for trying out MapTool! Let me know if you run into any trouble spots. I’m a big fan of helping more people to get to know MapTool.

    • Benoit says:

      Thanks! I’m going to send you an email. Everyone should check out the OnlineDM site because there’s some GREAT macros there for use in Maptool. http://onlinedm.wordpress.com

      • Jeff Dougan says:

        Sorry things didn’t work for us to be able to try some sample bits on Friday afternoon. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you snag Zalarian’s hybrid template file from the Maptool LFR fora, as it’s the basis for most new campaign files these days.

        e-mail or DM me at Twitter sometime and I’ll see if we can get as far as setting up either a “hangout and learn the most common frameworks” session or a (heroic tier) LFR adventure.

  2. The Id DM says:

    Thanks for linking to the interview. I sometimes get a “ping” when people link to an article but most of the time I don’t. Not sure why that is, but I appreciate you spreading the word.

  3. Geek Ken says:

    I’ve been a complete slacker in the past few weeks. Thanks tons for the shout out.

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