Two Page Mini Delves: The Cave of Crystals

I have to admit that I had quite a bit of difficulty with this mini adventure. I love the map, and had some vague ideas for it, but for the longest time couldn’t quite make those vague ideas into something that was concrete and cohesive. I even consulted with Alphastream on plot ideas, as I wanted to include his flumphs in the adventure. Though you may not see his influence (beyond the flumphs, of course), I’m sure he will see how I incorporated some of his ideas. In the end, I think it came together nicely.

There are a couple of things in this mini adventure that I thought deserved a mention. The first is kind of small, and I don’t know if it’s unique, but the spider web trap is auto hit – effectively, the “to hit” roll is a character’s perception check. If they fail their check, and walk into the web, it hits. Of course, there’s also the spider poison I highlighted a week ago. I’m very excited about this mechanic, and hope to get some feedback from anyone who wants to give it. Finally, the adventure features Flumphs prominently, though as a secondary player. Since we posted some Flumph stat blocks here a while back, I thought I would pull them into the adventure. I’ve included their stat blocks in the PDF for fun, even though it technically bloats the document to five pages. If you want the .monster files to import them into the Monster Builder and level them up, they’re in the original flumph article.

The adventure features a millenia-old Shardmind, his flock of flumphs, and the terrible secret that they guard. Lots of good roleplaying potential with the shardmind.

You can download the mini delve here.

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4 Responses to Two Page Mini Delves: The Cave of Crystals

  1. clayton says:

    Not bad at all!
    How do you produce your map images? Hand drawn and scan? digital pen?

    • Benoit says:

      I have only made one of the maps for the mini delves (Escape from the Badder Warren). Dyson Logos ( has made most of the rest, but he uses the same process I did. The map is initially hand drawn with black gel pen or pencil on tracing paper with graph paper behind it to assist with straight lines. Then the image is scanned in (playing with some of the scan settings) and adjusted as needed in gimp or a similar image editing program. I may write up a tutorial some day here, but it’s not high on the list of blog priorities. 😉

  2. clayton says:

    Oh that’s fine 🙂 Thanks, I was just curious if it started on paper or not. I usually pen all mine using a wacom tablet, and I am always curious to see how others do it.

  3. Arthur Brill says:

    I LOVE your two page mini delves. For me, this is the perfect type of dungeon design. Statting out monsters or traps is easy. It coming up with consistent, logical themes for a dungeon that is the real challenge. I just read Crypts of Tich (tee hee!) and found it thoroughly perfect. Bravo.

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