Level Up! — Episode #21: We’re Back!

After a long hiatus, we are back!  Hamblin and Benoit have returned to talk about making and playing D&D characters.  We’d like to thank our patient listeners, and we hope that we’ll be back to posting episodes regularly once again.

In this episode:

  • Benoit talks about his “lazy” shaman/warlord, which we discussed way back in Episode #13
  • Benoit and Hamblin discuss Bladesinger, a new class that premiered in the Neverwinter Campaign Guide
  • Hamblin discusses some character ideas for Lair Assault, which Benoit is going to run for some of us this week… stay tuned for our next episode where we will have the Lair Assault “post mortem” (probably literally!)
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2 Responses to Level Up! — Episode #21: We’re Back!

  1. James says:

    Glad to see you have returned. I didn’t get to say to you at MEPAcon. I was busy helping run LFR games and other gamer nonsense.

    I do like your to hear your min/maxing of characters ,but sometimes it goes over the limit on how much cheese you can make. Oh well.

  2. striatic says:

    the trick with Bladesinger is the Bladesong, which isn’t mentioned here. this gives +2 to attacks and defenses and +5 to damage in heroic tier, straddling two of the Bladesinger’s turns.

    at level 6 the Bladesinger doesn’t suck, it’s just getting started. you get Bestial or Feral Armor, Quick Weapon, Eladrin Swordmage Advance and start stacking multiple MBAs inside the Bladesong, along with the free MBAs as minor actions after using a Daily.

    with combat advantage and +2 to attack from Bladesong, you’re hitting nearly all the time and the damage and status effects start to build. you can set up zones with your daily powers and then use unseen hand to drag enemies into the zones.

    at level 7 while in Bladesong, you can react to any melee attack against you with Bladesong boosted opportunity action MBAs. you can’t Bladespell outside your turn but you do get the +5 Bladesong boost and have a good shot at dropping the attacker when you interrupt their hit, negating the attack.

    the class is front loaded to be sure, but you can use the Scholar theme’s Use Vulnerability power with the Legend Lore skill utility to extend more focused Bladesong type effects through rounds 3 and 4. in Paragon you start getting ways to recharge Bladesong. you can also pair the Dazzling Sunray Bladespell with Githyanki Silvered Weapon to drop your enemies to -4 to attack with each MBA.

    lots of tricks, lots of fun, and scales better than you might think : ]

    anyway, it is a fun and powerful class, but you need to take Bladesong into the equation.

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