DIY Miniatures: Gamma World Aliens

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Last Saturday, I was out shopping with my two year old son. Being a child, he was immediately drawn to a bank of vending machines with little trinkets in them. I don’t usually give those machines a second glance, but because he was glued to them, I happened to notice what was in them. They were little glow in the dark aliens inside those clear plastic “eggs.”

Now, it would be hard to find a miniature that would be appropriate for a D&D game, but these vending machines tend to be great places to find Gamma World miniatures. On top of that, I couldn’t help but imagine that the little clear egg they came in looked like an escape pod or reconnaissance vessel that might be attached to a mother ship. Fifty cents later, and I was in possession of two new Gamma World miniatures, and a quick weekend project.


There were really only two modifications that I needed to make to these little guys to make them playable. They were the right size, but had no hope of standing up on their own. My first solution was to use a normal one inch base. That didn’t work, however, because the base didn’t quite fit in the egg the way I wanted it to. A penny turned out to be the perfect size to sit in the base of the egg – I hit them with some Boltgun Metal, and painted “I” and “II” on them. A little superglue on their feet, and they were as stable as any other mini I own. Next, I painted the bottom of the eggs with the same Boltgun Metal, so that they looked like little flying saucers. That’s it.

No, really, that’s the entire project. If you want, you can make flying stands for them like in the top picture there, but that’s not strictly necessary.

While I was making these little guys, I was brainstorming how to use them. I came up with the perfect scenario that fits in with where the characters are in my current Gamma World campaign. In the process, I also came up with a really neat monster mechanic that applies to D&D as well. I’ll be writing about that next week. Until then, have a great Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and try not to spend too much time raiding trinket vending machines over the holiday.

PS – Check back on Christmas for a couple of Gamma World themed papercraft. Not as cool as last year’s Christmas papercraft, but hey, it’s something. 🙂

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One Response to DIY Miniatures: Gamma World Aliens

  1. Cool, you can’t beat 25 cents for a mini.
    I picked up a whack of horror clix minis on ebay for next to nothing (thought sadly more than a quarter each), and I’ve been using the greys for aliens in gamma world.

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