5th Edition Is Coming

In case you missed it, the big news out of Wizards of the Coast today is the impending arrival of D&D 5th Edition. There will be lots of open playtesting, unlike 4th edition, starting in a few weeks at DDXP. I will reserve all other opinions until I actually see the product.

I trust you know how to use Google, and can find your own news concerning 5th edition, but suffice it to say, the news was on New Yorks Times, CNN, and Forbes, for starters. This Sunday’s roundup will be whatever 5th edition articles I can grab from around the net, but I understand that would be a really long time to wait.

Here’s where the blog stands in relation to all of this:

  • We will continue blogging and podcasting about 4th edition until 5th becomes a published reality.
  • We are currently planning on making the switch to 5th, and will continue blogging and podcasting about the new edition at that time.
  • As always, the Arts & Crafts articles span editions and even RPGs, so we hope you keep coming back!

We’re excited about the new edition, and can’t wait to see what it holds!

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