Weekly Roundup: D&D 5th Ed. Edition

Well, it’s been a crazy week for D&D – in case you’ve been living in a cave, or maybe just out of town with no internet, D&D 5th Edition blew up the internet on Monday. Don’t worry, we’ll still be blogging through it all, and when the new edition comes out, we fully intend to switch, and continue blogging about 5th edition.

Rather than try and round up all the links I came across about 5th edition, I’m going to link you to Stormin’ Da Castle, who has been doing a great job keeping up with all the different bloggers who have been writing. The list is long, and it seems like every article linked in his roundup comes at the subject from a different angle. Be sure to click as many of them as you can. It will give you a really good idea of where the blogosphere is at. Plus, there are some roundups linked from his roundup, not the least of which is the ENWorld one. Definitely check out ENWorld. Below, I’ve added a few that he missed, plus a couple of non-“D&D Next” articles I came across last week.

Eddy Fate wrote an article on how to use politics in your campaign. While somewhat LARP-related, this article is a must read if your PCs ever intend on getting involved in more than killing monsters and taking their stuff.

Daily Encounter wrote a great article on the role of art in RPGs and how a game’s art can make it inviting or non-inviting to different genders (read: women).

If you’re a terrain head, and aren’t following the project happening over at Ben’s RPG Pile, shame on you!

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what that font is on the original D&D books (and beyond) look no further than this FAQ, complete with places to download them.

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: Game Design Challenge Edition)

(Edit: This one seemed apt, given the week’s news…)

Let’s kick things off with a post by NewbieDM wondering where his group’s 4e burnout is coming from.  He has a theory, though we’re not sure that complexity, from the player’s side, has changed that much since the last edition.

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3 Responses to Weekly Roundup: D&D 5th Ed. Edition

  1. Eddy Webb says:

    My real name is Eddy Webb, but thank you so much for the link!

  2. Ben says:

    Hahaha – shame on you indeed. You crack me up, Benoit. I would add that this particular theme is very Indiana Jones, Mummy and Scorpion King, Dark Sun-esque. It’s a refreshing break from the traditional D&D gray brick dungeon.

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