Gamma World Cheat Sheet

Time for another Gamma World resource. Considering the amount of utility I’ve gotten out of the Sly Flourish DM Cheat Sheet, I thought I would put together something that had equal utility for my Gamma World game, in a slightly different format. And that is what I share with you today.

First, a peek under the hood. When I put together the Gamma World Monster Index, I also included various other monster information on a master spreadsheet. AC, defenses, hit points, and attacks for the monsters all went on the sheet. Then, I took all that raw data for all the Gamma World Monsters, and started looking for discernible patterns in the numbers. Most of the monster numbers fell into nice patterns for me to put on the cheat sheet. Some things did not. I attribute this to the fact that, in many cases, I just didn’t have enough data to work with. There just aren’t as many Gamma World monsters as there are D&D monsters, so it was difficult to simply take raw data and turn it into a cheat sheet. (For a good example of this, see the note on Minions, below)

So, I ended up taking the raw data, and “smoothing off the rough edges.” This is most evident in the damage ranges, as many times higher level monsters had a lower “minimum” damage than lower level monsters. Also, the minion damage was literally all over the map, so I just eyeballed it at level +3. I could be totally off there, but there was absolutely no discernible pattern to minion damage when only looking at Gamma World Monsters. (Yes, I am aware that the D&D “minion damage ballpark” is 1/2 level +4)

As you can see, I’ve made some changes in presentation from the Sly Flourish version – many numbers are presented as ranges instead of a flat average. This gives the GM a better idea as to the amount of “wiggle room” up or down there is to an average number (which is also presented). I did this because I would often find myself using the Sly Flourish cheat sheet, and wondering to myself how far I could stray from the presented “average” before I was out of bounds. The “Low-High” range of numbers was my way of solving that problem. Also, since I only had to present 10 levels, I had lots of room on the sheet to spell out some rules of thumb, add a note on damage calculation, and still include the skill DC table.

In my mind, this sheet is more for easy leveling of monsters rather than creating monsters out of thin air. While the latter is certainly possible using the sheet, it’s usually much easier to just grab something out of a book and reskin it. If you need to level up or down that grabbed monster, this sheet will make the job much easier.

I hope you find it useful! Download the Gamma World GM Cheat Sheet here.

PS – It’s interesting to note that, while the skill DCs are definitely very different from the D&D skill DCs, many of the monster numbers are the same or very similar. The easiest comparison is Attack Bonus vs. AC and Defenses. They’re identical. Just a little more proof that D&D monsters are totally compatible with Gamma World. So steal those D&D monsters to your heart’s content. Nothing’s going to break.

Is there anything missing from the Cheat Sheet? What would you add or change?


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3 Responses to Gamma World Cheat Sheet

  1. Alphastream says:

    Very cool! I also recommend these Gamma World Add-Ons a friend of mine made. The junk table cards are worth printing in color and the player sheet is helpful for character creation and running a fast game.

  2. John Quirk says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for all of your continued work with Gamma World, I started GMing a game about a year ago, and all of your pieces have been really helpful. Keep up the good work!

  3. Geek Ken says:

    Very cool. Love the graphic title for the sheet! Sniff… that brings back memories.

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