Gamma World Character Sheet

Remember your very first game of D&D? If you began playing in middle school (or even elementary school), there’s a good chance that your first character sheet was on a piece of notebook paper. I wanted to capture that nostalgia, so I sat down with a piece of notebook paper, and made a Gamma World character sheet in pencil. Then, I scanned it in to share with the world. While my handwriting isn’t exactly that of a middle schooler’s, I thought this Gamma World character sheet captures that “I made my own character sheet” feel very well. And of course, it has everything you’d need on a “normal” Gamma World character sheet. I had a lot of fun doing this, and it got me thinking about character sheet design – I fully intend to do a “piece of notebook paper” character sheet for D&D Next. I hope it will support such an endeavor.

You can download the character sheet here.

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2 Responses to Gamma World Character Sheet

  1. Love the little circles for the numbers – fully brings me back to my little manilla notebook filled with Moldvay Basic characters.

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