New Gamma World Mounts

Mounted Podog

When I was doing the Gamma World Monster Index, I was surprised to find that there are only three “official” mounts in the game. When I say official, I mean creatures that include rules for being mounted. Those three are the Brutorz, Podog, and Jackalope. If you’re playing with the optional Vocation rules (Legion of Gold expansion), then you may want more options for players who choose the Beast Rider vocation. Today, I’m going to present three options from the official Gamma World monsters along with additions to their stat blocks. Next week I’ll revisit the topic by looking beyond the Gamma World monsters as well as fully statting out a new mount straight out of the Gamma World novel Red Sails in the Fallout. Let’s get started, shall we?

I’ve come across a few monsters that would make good mounts for characters. They make sense, they’re size large, and most of all, I believe players would think they’re awesome. So let’s add a line to their stat blocks to make them official mounts, and give them some utility for their riders.


“There’s nothing sweet or innocent about the latterbug. Sure, its red shell, black spots, and waving antennas make it look pretty, but it’s a killer.” -Famine in Far-Go
Latterbugs are basically giant, angry ladybugs. If you don’t think they would make fearsome mounts, you just need to check out the picture in the book. I would personally take the beast rider vocation just to try and convince my GM that I should have a latterbug mount. To make the latterbug ride-able, we’ll add two simple lines to their stat block:

Traits – Shared Force Field
When mounted, the latterbug’s rider also benefits from its Force Field power.

Triggered Actions – Insect Shell (At Will)
Trigger: The latterbug’s rider is the target of an opportunity attack
Effect: (no action) The attacker must roll twice, and hit the higher of the rider’s or latterbug’s defense both times.


Ahh, another beefed up version of a familiar creature. Only this time, the familiar version of the creature is terrifying in its own right. The Komodo Dragon. It’s just that the Gamma World version is, well, bigger. And c’mon, who wouldn’t feel awesome riding a giant Komodo Dragon into combat? Let’s tweak his stat block a bit:

Traits – Rider Synergy
When a modo uses its Modo Mojo power to pull a creature into an adjacent square, the modo’s rider may make a free action (non-origin) melee attack against that creature.

Triggered Actions – Lizard Reflexes (At Will)
Trigger: The modo’s rider is the target of an opportunity attack
Effect (immediate reaction): The modo may use its Jaws of Steel power on the attacker


One of the weirdest (and that’s saying something) and most iconic of the Gamma World monsters, and probably the only monster that would serve well as a flying mount. Just don’t leave your clothes lying around unattended. How can we make it a more attractive mount? Glad you asked:

Traits – Rider’s Guidance
When mounted, the yexil’s Laser Eyes power becomes a minor action attack with a recharge of 5-6. Also when mounted, the yexil loses its Elite Action power.

Triggered Actions – Wing Away (Encounter)
Trigger: The yexil’s rider is hit by an opportunity attack
Effect (immediate reaction): The yexil shifts 3 squares and uses its Laser Eyes power on the attacker, even if it is not currently charged. This attack does half damage.

That’s all I’ve got for Gamma World monsters. If you need to level them up or down with the characters, use the Gamma World cheat sheet. Next time, we’ll explore some D&D monsters that could make a seamless transition into Gamma World as mounts.


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11 Responses to New Gamma World Mounts

  1. Tikiphantom says:

    Hey, ya forgot one. Whatever happened to the plant mount, the pinetos?

    • Benoit says:

      The stat block for the Pineto (Horse Cactus) doesn’t present any rules for “when mounted,” so it’s not an “official” mount in this iteration of the game. Whether or not a cactus would make a good mount…. I’ll leave that up to you. 🙂

      • Tikiphantom says:

        I think they explained you needed to have a special heavy leather saddle. If not you’d get a new meaning for being saddle sore. OUCH! 😀

      • Benoit says:

        Hmmm, I don’t remember seeing that. Do you have a book/page reference?

  2. Tikiphantom says:

    Sorry, it was old rules 4th ed.

  3. Yeah the new fluff about the pineto mentions riding them with a thick saddle, but also greatly discourages it.
    I really like your additions to the latterbug and modo – both of those creatures would make superb mounts. In theory, I also like the powers you added to the yexil, but this creature’s Intelligence just seems too high for it to be used as a mount (and with many Gamma World characters rolling an unmodified 3d6 for Int, it might be smarter than its rider) – even if the yexil is the unofficial mascot of the game.

    • Benoit says:

      Ok, I missed that. Maybe I’ll make something up for the Pineto then. I did notice that the Yexil is intelligent, but (without the books in front of me here) I believe that the Brutorz is about as intelligent, and the game has them as mounts as well. You just have to think of it less as “beast and rider” and more as a partnership.

  4. Whoops, you’re right about the brutorz – I stand corrected 🙂
    Also, I guess riding a Yexil isn’t really different from riding a dragon or a griffin (which are both intelligent) – in Gamma World riding a yexil could have the same kind of prestige associated with it as dragonriders in other settings.

    • Benoit says:

      That’s a really good idea. I’m going to incorporate a brotherhood of Yexil riders into my current campaign….

  5. Alton says:

    Love the article! I love Gamma World. Have you made up stats for Daisy – Hella’s mount?

    • Benoit says:

      No, I thought about it, but I think for Daisy, there’s an existing mount that works well already. 🙂 Stay tuned, next installment is Friday.

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