Weekly Roundup: Where Are The Arts & Crafts Edition?

If you’ve been following the blog recently, you’ll have noticed that there’s been less Arts & Crafts articles than usual. Part of that is due to the fact that I ran out of casting material a few months ago, so I haven’t been doing Hirst Arts lately. Part of it is due to other real life busyness. At any rate, this week I got a fresh 50 lbs of Merlin’s Magic (along with some molding silicone), so expect new Arts & Crafts articles in the coming weeks!

The Id DM had a great article this week about making his players drink something to signify the character drinking something. This is a great way to break the fourth wall, and the article suggests other uses for the technique

Save or Die mechanics were on everyone’s mind this week, after the Legends and Lore column. Basically, it comes down to play style preference, and Syntax Error had a discussion of it this week.

If your characters are beginning to explore new parts of the game world, or if you’re just now planning a new campaign, check out i09‘s article “Ten Real World Fantastic Locations For Fantasy Worldbuilding.”

Have your players not been paying attention to your game? Is whatever is happening on their phones more interesting than combat? Do they not know the name of even one NPC? Try using the Not Paying Attention Random Table by PVP Online!

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book, and said, “That would make a fantastic RPG!”? TheRPGGuy asked that question on Twitter this week, and compiled the answers here.

Finally, if you’ve been interested in the Kickstarter for Cartoona! (in the sidebar there), Father Geek is running a contest to win a copy of the game! Check it out, or check out the game’s Kickstarter.

Blast From The Past: (Weekly Roundup: Happy GM Day Edition)

Stuffer Shack had a three part series on gaming at conventions, which we’re big fans of.  Dixon Trimline handled the subject well, and we suggest checking out all three parts.


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2 Responses to Weekly Roundup: Where Are The Arts & Crafts Edition?

  1. Ben says:

    To follow up on my earlier tweet…just make sure the individual pieces you use to make the custom mold are top notch (very few bubbles, nice and level, etc.)

    Uneven casted pieces can be a real bummer:(

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