Weekly Roundup: 500 New Fairy Tales Edition

In the news this week, we were intrigued to hear about the discovery of 500 new fairy tales. They were found in Germany as part of a compilation by  Franz Xaver von Schönwerth; according to the article, he was a contemporary of the brothers Grimm. While we’re sure that not all 500 of the fairy tales will be compelling, we have to wonder what new ideas we can mine for our campaigns. In the comments, leave us a note on what’s been inspiring you lately.

Speaking of inspiration, Dread Gazebo talked about a good way to overcome story block: writer’s dice and story dice. Simply cubes with cryptic heiroglyphs, they might be just what you need for that new story arc.

 If you’re planning on running the new Lair Assault (Attack of the Tyrantclaw), you should check out Hit on Crit. They posted a fun (spoiler-y) play report, complete with ideas for homemade props and minis to make the game more immersive.

If you’ve been playing Gamma World recently, as we have, you might want to try the Alpha Mutation draft proposed by Geek Ken this week. You can still get booster packs, if you know where to look…

On his personal blog, Monte Cook  had a great article this week on pretending. Why is it that most adults don’t know how? And are we ready to admit that it’s really all our hobby is?

Steve Winter also had some thoughts this week at Howling Tower, about the cyclical nature of major RPG publishers – produce content until it becomes unweildy, then make a new edition. Is there a better way?

Finally,  the new Lords of Waterdeep game came out this week, and based on all the positive commentary, we’re excited to try it. We may have to wait for our birthday in a few months, though. On the other hand, maybe it would be possible to win a copy… at Boardgamegeek  perhaps

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: New Author Edition)

We were excited to read about a new (to us) supplier of 3d terrain at Ben’s RPG Pile.  Read the article, look at the pictures, and check out the really affordable 3d terrain.

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